Ex-Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner announces write-in campaign for freeholder


Two weeks out from the July 7th primary election, Former Hoboken Housing Authority Commissioner James Sanford has announced that he will be running a write-in campaign for freeholder.

James Sanford. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Far from the fiction of working together, the Hoboken City Council removed me as a Public
Housing Commissioner while I was actively serving and protecting HHA residents. In April, at the critical moment when people needed face masks, but could not find any, we stepped up,” Sanford said in a statement.

“However, this Council ignores the timely lifesaving contribution of 20,000 face masks donated to protect people from Covid-19. And, to this day a majority of the Hoboken City Council will NOT even acknowledge or thank any of us who participated in this community relief effort.”

Sanford was most recently appointed to the HHA board in May 2015 and his five-year term expired last month.

He was not reappointed, with the council opting to go with Lisette Vega, the executive vice president of Applied Housing Management.

“Wealthy developers paid and the City Council rendered services; while we’ve been out of work the council is working hard to sell out! The council has taken me out of the fight. Now, I ask YOU to put me back into the fight!,” Sanford continued.

“Today, I announce my write-in campaign to serve as Freeholder for the 5th District including Hoboken and parts of Jersey City. As a freeholder candidate I will hold local politicians accountable for their obscene corruption and disregard for the health and safety of the public.”

Getting the Democratic nomination seems like a reach, with incumbent Anthony Romano (D-5) having the support of the Hudson County Democratic Organization and challenger Ron Bautista running on a progressive platform for change.

However, the Republican nomination may still be feasible with no declared candidates at the moment.

“Send a message to failing for-sale politicians. To vote in the upcoming July 7th Primary, you will receive mail-in-ballots. If you’re a Republican then write me in. If you’re a Democrat then write me in,” Sanford stated.

“If you’re an Independent then go to the polls and write me in. People are more important than party. Recent events remind us that life is too short. In the wake of this pandemic we need to work together and deliver competent leadership.”

The July 7th primary will be contested mostly via vote-by-mail ballots, though select polling locations will still be available for those who prefer to vote in person.

Sanford’s entire announcement can be read here.


  1. So Sanford thinks his “20,000” face masks is why he should stay on the HHA? If he was so generous and sincere he wouldn’t keep bragging about it. He should move on.

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