‘Education Matters’ hits back at opponents over criticisms over Jersey City school reopenings


The “Education Matters” Jersey City Board of Education slate is hitting back at their opponents over criticisms about the reopening plans of the public schools last week.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“It is laughable to attack Lorenzo, Gina and Lekendrick for having the courage to demand funding for our schools while the Change for Children candidates are funded by billionaire developers who have starved our classrooms for decades,” said Education Matters campaign manager Mike Greco.

“This is not the time for divisive politics and polarizing tactics. We see enough of that coming out of the White House. We must work together for the benefit of our students and their families. With the full support of our educators, the Education Matters team was elected to serve every student in the Jersey City public Schools and we do not take that responsibility lightly.”

Last week, the Change for Children team said the Jersey City Public Schools should only reopen by “following the science,” adding that the current board “rushed to reopen with a one-size fits all approach.”

While the BOE initially approved a learning plan that included limited in-person learning with a virtual plan, they later adjusted that to switch to remote learning throughout the month of September.

According to Greco, his team, which consists of Board President Lorenzo Richardson, Vice President Gina Verdibello, and Trustee Lekendrick Shaw, was on a live Zoom Parent Meeting when CFC “released their blatantly false smear.”

He said the purpose of the meeting was to gage community input on how the current mode of remote learning can be improved, as well as that they have been hosting this regular meeting for months and it has grown to include over 50 parents.

In addition to touring the schools, Education Matters is prioritizing improving ventilation and working with the City of Jersey City to determine a partnership around COVID-19 testing.

The Jersey City BOE race is on November 3rd and will be contest primarily via vote-by-mail ballots.