‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ returns to Hoboken as part of 1st HCDO LGBTQ caucus brunch


After receiving some criticism during a Hoboken appearance in April, LGBTQ advocate Harmonica Sunbeam returned to the Mile Square City on Saturday for a “drag queen story hour” and brunch hosted by the LGBTQ caucus of the county Democratic party.

” … This is a historic event because I’m proud to be the first chair of the HCDO LGBTQ caucus, and more so, to use that position to bring people together, bring families and the community, not just in Hoboken, but countywide, together under a banner of love, inclusion and to believe in one another,” stated Hoboken 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco.

He further stated that this event was about policy, not politics, going as far as to call it “social justice in action.”

Protestors from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property tried to put a damper on Sunbeam’s appearance at Little City Books at the end of April, which led to Saturday’s event being put together in relatively short order.

Hudson County Democratic Organization Chair Amy DeGise, who DeFusco said was “the best thing that happened to our county party in a long time,” helped collaborate on getting the event together and expressed great satisfaction with the end result.

“One of our top initiatives was to make sure that every element of our community has representation and that we build these identity based caucuses to address the needs, the agendas and the resources that are needed,” she explained.

“This is a well-oiled machine. I listen and I watch, I observe, they have goals, they have initiatives on their own and its just gonna move so fast for Hudson County – it’s gonna make us so much more proud for our community – we’re so inclusive and we represent everyone.”

Additionally, Sunbeam, the founder of the North Jersey Chapter of the Drag Queen Story Hour, told HCV that the mild controversy around her last event in Hoboken ended up being up a good thing as it paved the way for new opportunities.

“Thanks to my wonderful ‘supporters’ that came out against drag queen story hour, this event was made possible and I’m happy to say that there are many more opportunities that have come forth in Hoboken just because of that situation,” she began.

Also noting that drag queen story hour started in San Francisco and is now international, she said the purpose of these events is to encourage children to read, be themselves and accept others.

The event was regarded as a major success, with over a hundred children cramming inside the Antique Bar and Bakery to take pictures with Sunbeam and later listen to her read stories.

Other dignitaries who participated in the event included 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, 4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos and Councilwoman-at-Large Vanessa Falco.

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  1. Harmonica Sunbeam is a ” LEGEND “… Appearing on TV Shows like ” Law & Order ” and blockbuster films like ” World Trade Center ” among others. Also has a few top hit songs under her belt . I hope John made a move on her so he doesn’t have to work anymore. I saw the smirk on his face on the video ending. Good luck John.

  2. https://www.nj.com/hudson/2012/05/jersey_city_to_swear_in_former.html

    As usual, the idiot is either ignorant of other LGBTQ politicians in Hudson County or is lying like a rug. No, DeFusco is not “the first” gay councilman in Hudson County. Ray Velazquez, an openly gay official, served on the Jersey City Council from 2010 to 2013. Everybody in HudCo knows this– except DopeFusco. Shockingly, DeFusco’s associates are trashing LGBTQ activist Michael Billy of Hudson Pride online for what reason? Billy has done more for the NJ gay community in one day than DeFusco has done in 4 years. What’s DeFusco done, other than whine that Ravi isn’t hanging toilet signage fast enough? Hopefully First Ward residents will throw him out of office.

    • First OPENLY gay.
      Others never came out until after they were elected.
      Ray never came out while running for office.
      Don’t you think Bhalla finding a city employee to run against Mike just because she’s a lesbian to a be a bit offensive? As if that somehow matters. Who cares if they are gay. People care how they will vote and a city employee will not be voting for the people.

      • Didn’t Hoboken elect a gay Freeholder a few times? You know the one who held infamous pool parties down on the shore. The one Mike has called his mentor.

        • Is there something wrong with a Gay man hosting pool parties?
          Another insinuation by the bhalla homophobes
          If Bhalla cares s much about LGBT why has he never spoken against the anti gay discrimination within the South Asian community?

          • …has never spoken about sex trafficking and child prostitution in the Portuguese community. What’s with the “South Asian community” crack? No wonder you feel at home commenting on the bigot-blog.

          • is costly. Suing people who guess your online identity can lose you your condo, Dumb-a$$. So stuff your legal threats where the sun don’t shine!

    • Hi Mr Billy!
      Who will you be selling your support to next?
      Sad that Bhalla had to import a gay supporter from Jersey City to prove he is inclusive….

    • KEYWORD :Elected
      Ray was appointed after LOSING
      “elected official in Hudson County”

      Getting elected as a gay man is much harder than being appointed