Dozens come out and ask for justice, changes at Jersey City anti-violence rally


A few dozen Jersey City residents gathered at the Journal Square Transportation Center to show support for an anti-violence rally.


Jermaine Woodward, Sr., the father of Jermaine Woodward, Jr. – an eight-year-old Jersey City football star was killed in a car accident – spoke about his disappointment in both the city and the justice system over the situation.

He added that a recent city teen being held on $100,000 bail for slapping a woman on the buttocks and a Jersey City cop heading to trial for a fatal accident from 2013 as two examples of justice not being serve, both via The Jersey Journal.

Monique Andrews, the parent council president for Snyder High School, said one of the best ways to help the youth is to get involved with the school systems and play an active role in your child’s life.

Tyrone Ballard, a resident of Jersey City’s Ward F, stressed that kids are not the problem, but actually a byproduct of a larger problem.

A city spokesman did not return an email seeking comment, though the city has previously stated that crime is down from 2014.

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  1. John Henis, is that investigation still open? The one about that mans son getting hit by the car. I know there was a discrepancy about what happened but hard to believe they never got anybody for this with alot of witnesses and cameras everywhere.

  2. About that cop Michael Spolizino. It’s crazy how a cop can getting a very very serious charge yet still get his paycheck for YEARS while waiting to go to trial. Any other job they get suspended etc. It seems to me that the family of the victim are decent people who pushed this issue or this would have went away to. This cop left the scene so how the eff can the police say “there was no indication that Spolizino was under the influence of alcohol or any other substance and that a sobriety test was not administered”. How much time went by since the accident and when he got snatched up? It was said before he just left a bar to.
    3 things on my wish list, conviction here, officer Vinny Corso fired, Senator Menendez Convicted on all counts and no pardon from no God damn President. My wish list is long but the beat will go on.

    • we all have read before about this cop and what he did and wonder too why he is still working. you mentioned in your reply that it was said before he just left a bar too, but wonder also where you may know this or read this before, and do the people investigating this know this.

  3. It appears to me that Maybe Luigi 212 should sit down and read the bible and relax
    1 %of law enforcement people across the the U.S. of A have concerns with all types substance abuses, mental health, money and relationship issues 1 %of 800,000 is eight thousand small number that gets great media attention .
    Folks the Police are the People and the People are the Police [ Sir Robert Peel 1829 the father of uniformed and organized Policing London , England, ]
    Good Luck to Luigi 212 Lets work together to reduce crime , re-build better relationships with the communites served by the police, reduce this crummey illegal gun sales, reduce- drug and alcohol use and get along for the common Good , God Bless, God Speed to all !
    Respec tfully,
    Pete the Cop/ Disabled Veteran