Delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic, Bayonne holds swearing-in ceremony for 28 cops


After being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Bayonne held a swearing-in ceremony for 28 new police officers yesterday.

Photo courtesy of the City of Bayonne.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The ceremony included officers that have joined the department as far back as 2019 and the large class has their first first Filipino officer, as well as their first two Black female officers.

While addressing the new officers, Mayor Jimmy Davis, a retired police captain, said that they “have joined the ranks of one of the greatest police departments in the United States,” also stating that they have “made each of us proud” over the past year.

To that end, Public Safety Director Robert Kubert noted that “Police work in general is a very tough job today … It is a testament that they’re still here.”

Additionally, Police Chief Robert Geisler called being a police officer “the best job in the world,” which provides “a front row seat to life.”

The new police officers are Shady Nasralla, Michael May, Bryan Cruz, Hany Kased, Robert Candelaria, Thomas Jurcisin, Jr., Alexis Ogbin, Jonathan White, Zachary Hyman, Marco Coelho, Kevin Sliwowski, Mark Hermosisima, Brandon Olander, Robert Cavanaugh, Jared Ensmenger, Jack Vreeland, Mina Saleeb, Ali Aboubakr, Perla Estevez, Erik Lyman, Febronia Botros, Joseph Cordato, Kevin Vazquez, Justin Rivera, Thomas McGuckin, Tanya Roberts,
Brianna Rhodes, and Daniel Hampton.

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