Cupo: I’d start a 24 hour hotline, be full-time councilman if elected in Bayonne’s 1st Ward


Bayonne 1st Ward council candidate John Cupo says he’d start a 24 hour hotline and be a full-time representative if he comes out on top at the polls on Tuesday.

“I’ve seen a lot of neglect in the past 10 years in the 1st Ward and I could do good for the 1st Ward. I’m a people person, I can take care of problems immediately, I’ll have a 24 hour hotline … I’m probably the most competent individual to do the job,” Cupo said in an interview at his home.

Cupo elaborated how his hotline would work if elected and why it would be an asset to the constituents of the 1st Ward.

” … I will have someone in place to take all these calls. Now these calls also generate concerns. I will make sure every concern is handled. I won’t forget about it, I’ll make sure I call you back: whether it’s by telephone, by e-mail, you can meet me in the street – I’ll make sure all these concerns are addressed.”

When asked how this would be different than just making his cell phone number publicly, Cupo said a hotline would allow him to reach more people and vice versa.

“See, we already have a hotline, it’s called 911 emergency services here in Bayonne. They give out information when there’s a storm coming, or bad weather’s coming or someone is missing, I will make that system grow where it’s a two-way street, not a one way where it just sends out messages,” he explained.

Cupo also noted that he didn’t think it would be feasible to fix parking woes in short order, noting that it would probably take the construction of a parking structure in each neighborhood, stressing that he would be a full-time representative that has no other employment.

The Bayonne special election for the 1st Ward council seat is on Tuesday, November 5th and Cupo challenges incumbent Neil Carroll III, as well as Peter Franco and Paul Hagdorn.

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