Citing fundraising obstacles, Hoboken’s Wefer won’t run for gov after all


Just over two weeks after declaring a Republican run for governor, Hoboken Housing Authority Chairwoman Dana Wefer has already opted out of the race, citing fundraising obstacles. Dana Wefer

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As you know, I officially announced my intention to run for governor 2 weeks ago. Last week, I was supposed to start fundraising. Unfortunately, after much contemplation, I just can’t bring myself to ask people for money for this race,” Wefer wrote in a Saturday email obtained by Hudson County View.

“The likelihood of success is too small and even getting on the ballot is questionable at this point. The loftiness of launching a gubernatorial race on just a few months notice with no money has collided with reality, which requires a change in tactics.”

Wefer, who unsuccessfully ran on Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s council ticket in 2015, goes on to write that the only collaborative grassroots options available are through a continuing political committee or a coordinating slate – which would include a gubernatorial candidate.

An attorney by trade, she explains that since candidates are prohibited from establishing or participating in a CPC, it makes more sense to raise funds for the New Jersey Awakens organization – which she founded – and their respective candidates for office in the June 6 primary.

A lifelong Democrat, Wefer stated last month that she would run for governor as a Republican since the “the Democrats and the Republicans together have rigged the political system against the People through gerrymandering and special interest money.

In a post on the New Jersey Awakens website explaining her candidacy in detail, she said that “the New Jersey Democratic Party is too corrupt” to give regular candidates a chance, pointing to the fact that frontrunner Phil Murphy has already dumped $10 million into the race.

Wefer also wrote that she was running as a Republican to help people understand that nationwide, elections are typically decided in the general election, not the primary election.

Her short-lived candidacy raised the eyebrows of many Mile Square City politicos, given her criticisms of Murphy and his close relationship with Zimmer. Despite this fact, Wefer maintained that her relationship with the mayor had not changed.

Wefer did not return calls seeking further comment.

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