Cirillo-led ‘West New York Forward’ slate packs out Las Palmas for first fundraiser


“West New York Forward,” the ticket led by Public Affairs Commissioner and mayoral hopeful Cosmo Cirillo, packed out Las Palmas for their first fundraiser last night.

“This is the team that will bring back our recreation center to this town! This is the team that will focus on ensuring that parking issues are addressed and bringing angled parking to this town along with this,” Cirillo said during remarks to the hundreds in attendance.

“This is the team that will focus on ensuring clean streets for our community and making sure that our concerns are addressed. And I promise you that when I am elected mayor of West New York, you will have a mayor that is accessible to the people of this town.”

A former board of education president and also the business administrator in neighboring Guttenberg, the declared candidate also committed to walk-in and mobile office hours at Town Hall and responding to residents personally.

Cirillo also took a shot at one of his opponents, former Congressman, state Assembly Speaker, and Mayor Albio Sires.

“I find it funny that one of our opponents is saying he’s gotta come back home. Well, we, our team, this community, all of us in this room: we’ve been home! And we’re not going anywhere and will continue to be here for the residents of this town for the next four years and beyond.”

His four running mates, Walter Lopez, Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez (D-32), Revenue and Finance Commissioner Margarita Guzman, and Hiram Gonzalez all addressed the crowd as well during the roughly 30-minute program.

Lopez, the husband of former Commissioner Michelle Lopez under then-Mayor Sal Vega (both of whom were in attendance), expressed excitement about the possibility of representing the community he loves as the first Salvadorian American commissioner.

Gonzalez, who works for the recreation department in town that Cirillo oversees, said he was elated to be running on this team, with the U.S. Marine veteran stating that the commissioner embodies their values of honor, courage, and commitment.

Jimenez noted that one of her former staffers, Wayne Zitt, went on to become mayor (in Guttenberg), and now it’s Cirillo’s turn to follow that path.

Finally, Guzman stated that she was proud to serve this town for the past eight years, helping to keep taxes stable as one of the main stewards of the municipal budget.

Their campaign estimated that between their cocktail hour and subsequent reception, about 400 people attended last night’s event.

Cirillo and Sires will also face off with another former mayor, Felix Roque, in the non-partisan May 9th municipal elections.

In West New York, voters will elect five commissioners who will then select the mayor amongst themselves.

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  1. Cosmo never was available for anyone except When Sacco called him for a BJ- d. (Big Jelly Donut 😉

    Cosmo is a clown. WNY dont need him anymore.. Had2 terms and chances.