Carlos Betancourt apologizes for remark about WNYPD, supports Salgado


West New York United commissioner candidate Carlos Betancourt, a 34-year veteran of the town’s police department, apologized for a remark he made about the police force at a WNYU fundraiser last week. He also voiced his support for rookie WNY cop Jorge Salgado, who was involved in a fatal accident Monday night.


“I spoke in reference to the police department, and in my zeal of delivery, I said ‘we’d make them work,’ Betancourt reiterated at the WNYU campaign headquarters on Hudson Avenue earlier this afternoon

“I want to rectify that: it certainly had noting to do, I believe that the [police] department of West New York, which was my honor and privilege to serve with them for so many years – the finest in the area.”

Betancourt also offered his support for the 28-year-old Salgado, who killed a pedestrian in North Bergen when driving through North Bergen on his way to work late Monday night.

The investigation is ongoing and no criminal charges have been filed in the matter as of this writing.

“There was an incident that took place in the last 48 hours … this young man is a wonderful and excellent police officer, it was an accident, and I don’t want to see things with people rushing to judgment.

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