CarePoint designates Jersey City’s Christ Hospital as COVID-19 Outpatient Care Center


CarePoint Health has designated a portion of their Jersey City facility, Christ Hospital, as a COVID-19 Outpatient Care Center to treat and address long-term effects from the virus.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in our state, CarePoint Health’s hospitals and clinical staff were literally on the front lines saving lives in the battle against this pandemic,” CarePoint CEO Dr. Achintya Moulick said in a statement.

“Given what we still don’t know yet about this disease we are deploying this crucial outpatient care center to help our hard-hit community and ensure COVID patients recover from their disease and get the proper follow-up treatment.”

The outpatient center will provide support for those patients who are recovering from their exposure to COVID-19. The center will use clinical pathways based on our latest understanding of the disease to provide the best care available.

Procedures offered will include baseline lab work (including antibody testing, immunologic markers, inflammatory markers), pulmonary function tests (to assess the lungs), and if necessary, echocardiograms (to assess the heart).

The virus can affect many parts of the body, so if additional testing is warranted, it will be performed by the COVID Care Center.

Additionally, the center will start off with two 4-hour sessions per month and expand as necessary based on patient volume/need. It will also have a toll-free number (866-273-4268) that will go to the Call Center to make scheduling convenient.

“Our clinical staff are starting to see the long-term health impacts in patients recovering from COVID- 19. Complications to the heart, lungs, brain and kidneys are all being discovered as potential longstanding complications from contracting this disease,” added Christ Hospital CMO Dr. Tucker Woods.

“Patients recovering from this terrible virus are going to need consistent medical care and guidance in their recovery process and this outpatient center provides that resource.”

At the height of the pandemic in April, nearly 90 percent of the patients in each of CarePoint’s three hospitals were COVID-19 patients.

“While we feel a small sense of victory as the census of COVID positive patients in our hospitals have declined, our focus must now shift to helping these patients recover from the chronic conditions associated with COVID-19,” Woods added.

“At Christ Hospital, Drs. Aman and Natarajan were on the front-lines during the height of COVID, and these board-certified pulmonologists/critical care physicians will now head the new outpatient care center. They will use their extensive experience to help shape the treatment protocols to help these vulnerable patients get back to living a normal life.”