Blaettler continues feud with Stack, files lawsuit to obtain Lieber settlement


Former Union City Deputy Chief of Police Joe Blaettler is pushing ahead in his feud with Mayor Brian Stack – filing a lawsuit to obtain an open public records request for the settlement from a 2011 lawsuit  between developer Ralph Lieber and the city. 


Lieber’s federal lawsuit, which was filed in Newark’s U.S. District Court back in 2007, alleged that he was wrongfully denied zoning approvals for an 80-unit apartment building near Eighth St. and Palisade Ave.

According to the suit, Stack directed former members of the zoning board which projects should be approved and which should be denied before they were even heard by the board.

Furthermore, the lawsuit was settled just days before jury selection was set to commence. As of this report, Lieber’s settlement has never been made public.

Stack, who denied the allegations in Lieber’s lawsuit years ago, did not return calls seeking comment on Blaetler’s latest lawsuit. 

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