Bhalla: Trump diagnosis shows COVID-19 ‘still a formidable opponent requiring vigilance’


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla says the fact that President Donald Trump (R) is battling COVID-19 should be “a real wake-up call” that shows the virus is “still a formidable opponent requiring vigilance.”

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As many of have seen on the news, President Trump, members of his staff and other close contacts have tested positive for COVID-19. I wish the President, First Lady and staff the best of health and a speedy recovery,” Bhalla said in a Nixle alert last night.

“This development should serve as a real wake-up call to all of us, that COVID-19 is still a formidable opponent requiring vigilance in all aspects of our lives. Even the most powerful and well protected people in the country can’t escape COVID-19 if it isn’t taken seriously.”

Trump, who announced that he and his wife Melania tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday, has faced harsh criticism from Democrats for frequently not wearing a face mask, as well as for boasting about the size of the crowds at his campaign rallies while on the debate stage Tuesday.

He has since been receiving treatment at the Walter Reed Medical Center and could return home as soon as tomorrow, though the severity of his condition remains uncertain largely due to White House officials publicizing conflicting information.

The news was particularly notable in New Jersey since Trump hosted a fundraiser at his Bedminster golf course on Thursday, with former Gov. Chris Christie (R) and Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien – a former top Christie aide – also subsequently testing positive for COVID-19.

According to Bhalla, these are all clear cut signs that people throughout the country and the state are letting their guard down, therefore he is urging Hoboken residents to revert back to the mindsets they had in March and April.

“As mentioned in a previous update, given the increase in cases, I’m asking all residents to resort to the mindset we had in March and April – to assume that anyone you come into contact with could have COVID-19,” Bhalla wrote.

“This means limiting socializing and congregating with members outside your family or household, maintaining social distancing at all practical times, prioritizing outdoor activities, avoiding large indoor gatherings, and wearing a face mask.”

He also doubled down on the importance of wearing a face mask, stating that “the science is clear” despite the political implications of wearing one or not.