Bhalla rallies Hoboken Dems to elect Stack as the next HCDO chairman


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla rallied members of the local Democratic Committee to elect state Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack as the next chairman of the Hudson County Democratic Organization at a private meeting last night. 

“As long as I’ve known or been in Hudson County, we’ve only had one county executive: County Executive [Tom] DeGise, whose a wonderful person. But as you all know, in Hoboken, we give a lot more than we get back from the county, in terms of out county taxes,” Bhalla said.

“There are a lot of issues where we just do not get our fair share of the pie: we subsidize a lot of the streets and roads, the parks, the jail, the courthouse and we pay the highest percentage of taxes.”

The new mayor continued that Hoboken has continually held the line on municipal taxes, only to see a noticeable increase on the county level.

As a result, Bhalla said it’s about time to “finally have a seat at the table” in county government, with the first step in that process being electing Stack at the head of the HCDO in June.

Bhalla was quick to back Stack and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop’s plan to oust DeGise  next year, despite the fact they have yet to select a candidate.

While DeGise made it clear on our live show last week that he’s furious with Fulop, he also had a few choice words for Stack and Bhalla.

Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro (D-33), one of Stack’s legislative running mates, is expectedly on board with making a change at the county level, making it a point that they never intended to start a civil war.

“I think that we all know that Hudson County needs to change things up, especially for Hoboken, and I think this is the man [Stack] that’s gonna get it done for us and we are not looking for a fight, we just wanted a change,” she explained.

“That’s what it was, and to declare a war, before it even started, just tells you that they are nervous because they know we are really gonna make a change.”

DeGise also told us that he can’t envision a scenario where he drops his re-election bid, which is being spearheaded by state Senator (D-32)/North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco and U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8).

Hoboken 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo added that this isn’t about a political scrap, it’s about the residents of the county getting the services they need.

“Senator Stack will be the first one to tell you that this isn’t about him: this is about all of you. It’s about all of the constituents that he represents and we represent. This is not just about the chairmanship of the Democratic party in Hudson County,” Russo said.

“This is about getting each and every person in the City of Hoboken, and throughout the county, involved so that we can make the changes that we all would like to see.”

Addressing the room of about 30 people, Stack admitted he got involved in the Hoboken Democratic Committee races last year because “outside influence,” clearly referencing Team Sacco, tried to get involved.

“I didn’t think it was right, with the games that were being played at the time, so I got involved,” he said.

If elected HCDO chair, Stack says he’s going to make being a committee representative matter again, the way it did when he was a kid growing up in Union City.

“I feel, that as the chairman of the party, I would make the committee person matter again. What I mean by that, is when I was a kid growing up in Union City, and I had family who lived in Hoboken and Jersey City, the committee person really meant something,” Stack recalled.

“Not just once a year when you’re on the ballot and you’ve gotta pull for the entire column because you’re the ones that book.”

Stack also leveled that when someone like Bhalla meets with the HCDO, Assembly or Senate delegation, that look at the voter tallies from the last election cycle to determine what sort of political clout they have.

“There was a time when presidential candidates made Hudson County a must stop. The Democratic candidates would make it a must stop location. That’s been lost because the county is disorganized. There’s a lot of people that are not coming out to vote,” noting that this has been the trend for about 20 years.

While Stack and Sacco are at odds again, with things likely to get worse before they get better, the Union City power broker is almost a certainty to succeed former Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto as the next HCDO chair.

DeGise told Hudson County View last week that he doesn’t think anyone will challenge Stack for the county position this summer.

The event, hosted at Carpe Diem, was a success for Bhalla, with about 60 members of the HDC – although many of them did not attend – committing their June vote to Stack.

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  1. Ravi & Russo, just like I pictured it. Oh, would you look at that special relationship. Isn’t it so special?
    The Culture of Corruption in Hoboken is alive and well!

    • Unlike Councilwoman Giattino Councilman Russo is, was and always will be a Democrat.

      The betrayal of the Hoboken Democrats by Councilwoman Fisher in the age of Trump who was backed a Republican for Hoboken Mayor Giattino while head of the Hoboken Democratic Committee so enraged the members of HDC they want her gone but she refuses to call a meetings they can not vote to get rid of her.

      Now Giattino may have committed a ethics violation by accepting gifts from a politically connected law firm to help change Hoboken’s rules to give two of her campaign workers Board appointments.

      • City officials are not permitted by law to accept gifts of $25 or greater. The Council vp accepted a very expensive gift of legal work from Saccos lawyer pal which they used to justify changing municipal law for 2 patronage appointments. This is political corruption.

        • Making out in the tree of corruption! There’s no room on this limb Nancy. You’ll break it, get off. Hoboken is our piggy bank. We don’t do $25 or $1200 palm card deals for political operative work. Ravi is a deal-making money mastermind! Law firms around NJ love him!

          • What was the name of the guy a while back who claimed he was a some sort of a reformer and then made a deal to get on the sewerage board with a nod from Russo and everyone said it was because he wanted taxpayers to pay for his medical insurance ?

      • We dun nee no stinking ethics in Hoboken. Ravi & Russo are the Boss of Bosses. No deal goes down in Hoboken without our blessing. You best kick up to us. Nancy is our new Hoboken411! Don’t mess with us or will have her make up all kinds of BS on you while we clean up the moolah! We love Hoboken and the $$$$$!

        • Tiffanies crybaby fake news paid blogger dishes it out but cant take it. Cant wait until the mayor sues your crybaby fake news blogging a$$ for accusing him of taking bribes. Im not grafix either.

          • No one buys your loony bin lies Nancy. Ravi’s got crap. Ok, he certainly has plenty of deals! Now go take your meds. It’s been a hard corruption loving day for the Bonkers for Bhalla crowd!

          • Wait until the mayor sues your crybaby fake news blogging a$$ for accusing him of taking bribes.

            Tickets, get your tickets! Front row seats! Popcorn! Peanuts!

      • Speaking of scummy, why is Nancy making unfounded allegations of the good government members of the City Council calling them criminals?

        Does she have ANY proof? Of course not. She’s lying.

  2. The only change for Hoboken will be higher taxes. Then Russo and Ravi will do more dirty deals for themselves. Does Russo have to split any zoning fees earned with Ravi’s law firm? They specialize in land use. Someone tell Solomon Dwek, he and his friends are welcome back in Hoboken again.

    • Got any facts to back that up ?

      Speaking of dirty deals what’s up with Mayor Sacco’s lawyer friends handing Giattino, Fisher. DeFusco and Cunningham a expensive gift of free legal work ? Got ethics ?

      Oh wait Councilman Cunningham warned us that he might look shady but to ignore it.

      • Nancy, you keep makin up dat stuff about Jen, Peter and Tiffanie. That’s good political operative lying you’re doing. Leave the Hoboken dirty deals to us. SSSHHH, we don’t talk nuthin about it. Ravi and me, we got a whole lot of money to make in Hoboken. He’s a full member and we love the new PILOT and all the deals we’re gonna do! Show me the money Ravi! He’s the best mayor since Peter Cammarano.

      • The first rule of any Ravi-Russo deal is, we don’t talk about any Ravi-Russo deal. That goes double for a Russo-Stack deal and three times for a Ravi-Stack deal. Shaddup your face moron! This is bidness $$$.

    • Fishers paid blogger ignores his pals taking expensive gifts from Saccos lawyer. thats a real crime. Hes too busy making up fake news about hoboken mayor! Fake news blogger works hard for that Fisher money

      • Nancy, who are you now accusing of a crime? Bet you won’t sign your name to another of your latest scurrilous attacks. Coward.

        If Ravi got picked up by the Feds tomorrow you would immediately make up something about Jen, Peter or Tiffanie per usual. Fakes news is what you live for and you’re absolutely pathetic.

        Every news revelation on HCV or MSV about Ravi Bhalla’s latest ethical challenges is met with you scurrying here in a panicked state lashing out at everyone and anyone trying to distract from the issue.

  3. Didn’t get my pledge pin for the meeting in the back room at Carpe Diem. Is it too late? How can I get in on the one-party, one-candidate action? Is Ravi the only one getting a deal? Russo has to get a deal? What kind of deal does Hoboken get? The one that begins “shafted!” Screw that.

      • Does Nancy think everyone is dumb as a brick like her or anywhere as crazy?

        It’s called LEGISLATION. Changing part of an appointment process to a board is less different then in 2009 when Dawn Zimmer advocated to move the entire zoning board appointments from mayor to the City Council.

        You’re going to need better lies Nancy if you hope to distract from the big stories about Ravi’s shady employment contract and getting into bed with Hoboken’s Crown Prince of Corruption.

        Good luck with that!

        • Wait until the mayor sues your crybaby fake news blogging a$$ for accusing him of taking bribes. Paid crybaby fake news blog boy has no idea who I am… just one of many who think hes a nut. can dish it out but cant take it.

  4. Bhalla complains that Hoboken is not getting fair share. This is a result of the real estate assessments not being performed across all cities in the County. While complaining on this issue, Bhalla has done NOTHING to estimate the expected reduction in Hoboken’s share of County taxes due to the reval of Jersey City properties.

    • An a weak go along Hoboken Freeholder who cares more about his friendships at County politicos then he does with Hoboken taxpayers.

      FYI – The tax reveal was mandated by law.
      Hoboken city taxes have been stable for years and their bond rating has at AA status.

  5. Will Bhalla’s firm get a contract with Union City? Oh wait, I forgot — Balla’s firm already had a contract with Union City! So we should try this again because they “want a change”? No thanks!

    Stack and Bhalla are looking for change, but its more of the same. And who is that with Bhalla? Mike Russo? Remember when “reform” correctly called Russo out for what he is — a seedling of a corrupt former mayor? Let’s forget that though, because it’s now politically convenient.

    Senator/Mayor Stack (what should we call you since you have two jobs) guess what, nobody cares about you in Hoboken, and two-job Bhalla has 32% of the electorate and most of them voted for him because they thought he was being bullied by a flier he sent out about himself.

    This is comedy!

    • I see unlimited sales commissions in Ravi’s future in Hudson County. How much does he have to cut Mike Russo in for? Does Russo need an agent? Is there a lawyer on the Dem Committee available to help these two mensches out? Oy vey, what Dawn Zimmer gave Hoboken. Thanks Dawn!

    • Are the “real men of Hoboken” supporting the Sacco team? That would be terrible news for Senator Stack and Mayor Fulop. Especially if their sister group, the “real women of the Hoboken City Council” follow suit.

      If that happens this “war” will be over before it starts.

      • Did Dawn give back the money she raised and never ran?
        She had Sacco at her Porter Collins event – but hey, the Shadow Lou will do his psycho babble /lip flapping and spittin excuses

        Too bad he didn’t get a chance to write for Oliver Stone


    • BobMc – Will the anti-Bhalla City Council members now try to get Mayor Sacco’s politically connected law firm some Hoboken taxpayer money in return for their free legal work to help reward Giattino’s two campaign workers ?

      BTW- Doesn’t Mayor/Senator Sacco have at least two taxpayer paid jobs ?




  7. Love how Sybil is acting as if Sacco and Stack are that different! What a joke. She needs to stop swimming with rotten fish

  8. Todays daily obsessive sick attack on Jen Giattino is really troubling. These City Hall assaults on council members by their paid political blogger are gone too far, if it were me- someone would be facing a HUGE lawsuit. Maybe for some it’s a second…

  9. Tom Degise has been screwing the Hoboken taxpayers for years. Maybe a County Executive sponsored by Stack will merely just screw up. Won’t make much of a difference. Hoboken is Hudson County’s ATM machine.

    I did not sign a pledge card and there were not 60 people in the room to sign pledge cards as has been mentioned elsewhere. What is this Animal House? Is sneaky backstabbing Phil Cohen the new Niedermayer? Pledge pins sound very Putinesque don’t you think?

    • Hi HR. Do you agree with your idiot sidekick’s characterization of the two of you as “the real men of Hoboken?” Or are you tired of having what’s left of you credibility be further damaged by your association with him?

      Also, you avoided taking a position on the future of our county leadership in your post. Do you support or oppose having an alternative ti Tom Degise’s re-election? Or are you waiting to see which way the wind blows?

      • Do you agree with Ravi’s second job LindaStan? How about a third “job” with a Republican law firm? A fourth? How much money can a mayor make off the office of mayor with outside “employment” contracts? Did you help cut a Ravi-Russo PILOT deal? What deals has the Ravi-Russo Team cut to date? Hoboken is just dying to know.

      • I fly solo. No sidekicks. Do you think Ravi’s contract to get commissions trading off his office of Mayor for personal profit represents the zenith of governmental ethics? I sure as heck don’t.

        Zimmer may have been numerically challenged and had limited bandwidth at times but would have never signed up for a contract where she profited off of government contracts. She at least had standards of ethics. Now the only person she trusted has done what Cammarano only dreamed of doing which is sell out a Hoboken to the highest bidder.

        Looks like some of Ravi”s most ardent and robotic followers are following NG him into the ethical abyss on the Democratic Committee just to settle political scores. Now are they not only saying this unethical contract is ok but it’s ok to hop in bed with the Clown Prince of Corruption Mike Russo.

        • So “Sibilitis” lied when he referred to you and Roman Brice as “the real men of Hoboken?” If so I apologize for believing that you you shared that particular delusion with him.

          Do you support a competitive primary for county executive or do you believe Tom DeGise should simply be coronated by the unanimous consent of the party Bosses? That is the topic of this thread. As a Democratic committeeman and executive committee member your opinion on that issue, is of public concern. That’s why I have now asked you the question twice and am interested in hearing your answer which you have so far failed to provide.


          • I am not going to respond to your childish rants about masculinity. If you want to engage in that nonsense I suggest you go to GA where the harried hermit engages in the petty politics of personal destruction paid for by Ravi Bhalla who politically is the most divisive mayor in recent history. It’s a shame to because minus the corrupt contract where he profits personally from the Mayor’s office under color of official right and the political paranoia he does seem to be much more decisive than dithering Dawn with her craven misanthropic shadowy sidekick Starinlaw Grossfart.

            Of course there should be a competetitive primary for County Executive.There has not been one in a while. Remember I once ran for Freeholder knowing I had no chance in hell of winning being outspent 20-1 but got 25% of the vote on a shoe string budget. Thus I have proven record of wanting choice.

            Let’s see who steps up and decides to run. Hopefully they won’t be as inept as a prior Freeholder candidate who ran on the line, had the Mayor’s endorsement, spent a ton of money, and got walloped by Romano. He also got fewer votes than I did. We don’t want losers like that running for sure.

            Whether it’s Degise, Sacco, Stack, Roque, or even Turner the county players view Hoboken as their personal piggy bank. Ravi is just following the Hudson model with contract deal.
            I don’t expect much to change but a real challenge to Degise would be a start.

            Why didn’t Deigise help fund Washington Street? Did demure distracted Dawn not have the courage to ask for her fair share? What would The Shadow say? The Shadow knows. The Shadow knows. Lol.

          • Hey, did you go to the Ravi-Russo dinner or were you just advising how they should get into bed together and screw each other and Hoboken in the process?

            Let’s all give Stan Grossbard a big Hoboken Sopranos salute. Middle finger not included.

  10. So let’s be real. There were fewer than 30 people in the room last night at Carpe Diem. Inflating the number is necessary in order to deal with the two inflated egos in the room: Stack and Bhalla.
    It makes me laugh reading about how Stack feels that Hoboken is being cheated by the County! Does he really care about Hoboken? Has anyone noticed the decline in State funding coming into Hoboken since Stack became the State Senator? Each year fewer and fewer dollars have been returned to Hoboken while Union City keeps raking it in. The State is paying for only a small portion of the Washington Street Project when, in fact, it should be paying the lion’s share. Just last week I read that Hoboken Schools will receive zero additional dollars next year while Union City gets a whopping $9 milliion more.
    Of Course Ravi will support anything Stack wants because Ravi had a nice contract with Union City when he was needy. It’s payback time and Ravi is paying back with our votes.
    Ravi also knows that the only way he can get a turnout is to make a deal with Russo. Boy, the reformer really knows how to sell his soul!
    As far a DeGise goes, he did restore a sense of trust in the Office of County Exec after the Bobby J scandal. Maybe he’s a bit too honest for the power brokers in Jersey City, Union City and Hoboken.

  11. Can’t believe Stan , Ravi and Russo are all together
    Quite a little trio that is certainly a match made in HUDCOland

    As a matter of fact there hasn’t been such unity since Staci and Russo all joined forces against Zimmer, Lenz and Pinchevsky in the 4th Ward

    Ravi doesn’t mind, he was trying to make deals with Russo even before he joined Mello and Zimmer in the original park reformers initiatives
    Ravi was begging Mason, then Cammarano and not until they told him no did he come to Zimmer and 4 years later saw his popularity tumble to 3rd place on Zimmer’s slate

    Mr 32%

    More palm cards please
    Extra for the new family member with Ravi and Russo at the top

    Send the checks ASAP
    Before the next election cycle- Sybil needs some money for new yoga pants

    • Are you referring to the park group Lenz and Soares tried to infiltrate and manipulate even though they didn’t give a damn about parks? In the immortal words of Michael Lenz “I don’t really care about parks but I can’t get to 50% +1 without the people who do so I support parks.”

      The same Michael Lenz who reportedly struck a back room deal with Michael Russo putting his pal Tony Soares on the NHSA board (when he was already ZBA chair) in exchange for putting Russo’s choice on the HHA? The rumor was that it was all about trying to get Tony health benefits on the public dime, but it didn’t work out because of a change in the law. Pretty corrupt if true.

      • So not three months in and Ravi is proving Dawn Zimmer a prophet, a prophet of bad judgment. Way to go Stan! Hope it’s “worth” it. Holy Shite, an employment contract off Hoboken’s back and now the Russo Clan deal! Way to go.

      • Say what you want about my stature, it’s okay, I’ve heard worse- it’s still shocking considering we have a pride in a Minority mayor , yet mock someone’s physical deformities and disabilities. It’s ok, higher authorities will judge you.

        But back to the Parks claim.
        Please refer to this link if you want to state that some tried to “infiltrate ” here is a fact
        Something missing from your rabid attacks–forcing-an-extra-meeting?instance=more_page

        The plan as a whole has been controversial because some residents believe the area is too flood-prone and too traffic-tied to allow the scale of development suggested in the plan. They also want more open space in the plan before the city goes forward with seeking developers.

        “The lawsuit was filed in August of ’06 by five Hoboken residents: Dawn Zimmer (currently a City Council candidate), her husband Stanley Grossbard, former Councilman-At-Large Anthony Soares, Southwest Parks Coalition President Sara Stojkovic, and coalition member Nishant Amin. ”

        Although the decision was viewed as a victory by critics of the proposed plan, Hoboken’s Director of Community Development Fred Bado described it as a stall tactic that “doesn’t really throw us off schedule.”

  12. So how about when Ravi did legal representation for Dawn and Stan in a personal legal matter?
    Ask Mike Russo and Cousins

    The Hoboken Reporter and Hoboken411 recently reported that Councilman Ravi Bhalla serves as your attorney in a personal legal matter. The New Jersey Government Ethics Law states, “no local government officer shall engage in any business, transaction, or professional activity, which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of his/her duties in the public interest.” Councilman Bhalla serving as your attorney appears to be a violation of state law.

    This representation raises significant questions as to whether Councilman Bhalla, who until last month was Council President, has a conflict of interest between his duties as an elected representative of Hoboken residents and his duties as your private attorney. It also erases the line that serves as a check and balance between Hoboken’s executive and legislative branches of government which creates an arms-length relationship between the mayor and City Council.

    You and Councilman Bhalla have a duty to the public to explain your relationship. Accordingly, we hereby request that you and/or Councilman Bhalla answer the following questions prior to the next City Council meeting:

    1. Please explain in full detail the nature of Councilman Bhalla’s representation of you and Stanley Grossbard.

    2. Have you paid for his services? If so, how much have you paid and were you charged a reasonable and customary rate?

    3. If his services were pro-bono does the value of his services exceed the $25 limit your executive order on ethics sets for elected officials and city employees?

    4. How long has Mr. Bhalla represented you and Mr. Grossbard?

    5. Does Councilman Bhalla understand he has an ethical obligation to you and Stanley Grossbard in his private capacity as an attorney to act only in their best interests?

    6. Does Councilman Bhalla understand he has an ethical obligation to the city in his capacity as an elected councilman to act only in the city’s best interests?

    7. Are you and Councilman Bhalla familiar with the portion of the Local Government Ethics Law that states: “No local government officer shall engage in any business, transaction, or professional activity, which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of his/her duties in the public interest?”

    8. How can the public trust that decisions made by Councilman Bhalla were in the best interest of the city?

    9. How can the public trust that when you and your administration bring a matter before the City Council that Councilman Bhalla will only consider the public’s interests rather that the interests of you as his client?

    10. By way of this letter we wish to ask Councilman Bhalla what other legal representations during his term in office has he been or is currently engaged with other Hoboken council members, elected officials, city employees, commissioners/board members and their family members.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

    Councilwoman Theresa Castellano, 1st Ward
    Councilwoman Elizabeth Mason, 2nd Ward
    Councilman Michael Russo, 3rd Ward
    Councilman Timothy Occhiptinti, 4th Ward

    • Yes, you are correct. The park group Soares and Lenz tried to infiltrate to exploit politically despite not giving a damn about parks is the SW group. Do you have any comments on the reported Lenz/ Russo deal that put Soares on the NHSA and in exchange for an HHA seat? Would you agree that if it’s true it would be disgraceful and perhaps even corrupt?

      That’s the kind of wheeling and dealing that makes honest citizens sick to their stomachs.

      • You seem to not understand what Wheeling is…
        This is wheeling
        Just ask the coyote

        Bhalla’s apparent evasion of Newark’s pay-to-play laws by making his contribution to a PAC rather than to a candidate demonstrates exactly the cynical sort of political dealing that Hoboken is committed to ban from its public life.
        Unfortunately, Bhalla was also involved in an alleged conflict of interest issue in Hoboken only two months ago, when he voted on the City Council to award a legal contract with the City of Hoboken to Paul Condon, with whom he shares an office and a secretary. At that time POG requested clarification by the city’s Corporation Counsel of the grounds for his advice to Bhalla that there was no conflict. Mr. Kates submitted his rationale to the Council several weeks ago and said there was no conflict.
        Hoboken People for Open Government (POG) expects more than a public apology from Mayor Zimmer and Councilman Bhalla; we expect action.

      • What about Stawn’s ability to avoid a lawsuit loss with Carmelo and put 700k on the backs of the city’s poorest?

        What about Stawn’s pal who tried to put THREE people on the public health plan and caused the state to stop it?

        What about the Vote by Mail fraud that lead to Zimmer vacating her seat because of shady tactics?

        Vacating seats to avoid court, settling with Garcia to avoid a trail…

        That’s what turn’s stomachs STAWN

        • Wait didn’t Mike Lenz put himself on the city’s public health plan even though he was an unelected councilman serving at the pleasure of the mayor who gave him the nod to get her old seat — so he could take himself off his OTHER public plan through his low-show hack county job and pocket an extra $5,000 cash stipend instead?


  13. Downtrodden Denizens of Hoboken where political corruption still festers like an open wound on the Hoboken taxpayer…. Please consider taking the Bonkers for Bhalla Challenge-

    Any true Ravi Bhalla supporter that can defend the following:

    1) Ravi Bhalla’s no show job law contract where he extracts personal profit from the office of Mayor under color of official right. Explain to how this is not unethical. I dare you.
    2) Inviting Mike Russo instead of chair of Hoboken Democratic Committee and snubbing her. The Russo family has a long history of corruption and for those not familiar go to this link: I can assure you Straighjacket Out of Compensation smear blogger Sybil aka GA aka Nutso Nancy won’t. Defend Ravi and Russo sitting in a tree P-I-L-O-T-I-N-G. Why is a Ravi in bed with corruption?

    Best argument gets free dinner and drinks on me. It has to be a good argument though. I don’t feed robots.

      • I took time off to help my family. Typical Ravi supporter lobbing personal attacks when you can’t defend bad unethical behavior. She full as Stan’s scorched earth tactics or Ravi’s ethical lapses.

        • They attack people alive, elderly, disabled, looking for work and the deceased!
          Now they will give sainthood to Russo while painting Jen and Tiffany as the Devil – literally paint them with mediocre photoshop skills

        • “Straightjacket Out of Compensation smear blogger Sybil aka GA aka Nutso Nancy” is NOT a personal attack?

          You reap what you sow. You continue to insult all of your Democratic colleagues on the Committee by calling them “robots.” The main point is, you serve all the people of Hoboken on the NHSA, a taxpayer funded public position. “Robots” pay your stipend, too. You disgrace both offices by your juvenile online antics, and have alienated every private person you insult.

          If you don’t like the political discourse of a blogger, don’t read her opinions. As far as I can tell, she criticizes elected, public political figures, not the people who support them. You, on the other hand name-call everyone who supports Bhalla as a “robot” or ” nutso.” Maybe you ought to reconsider membership in the Democratic Party, as you speak like a sanctimonious fascist. That is not an insult, it is a reaction to the above comment. Grow up, Kurt.

          • Your mean spirited personal attack of the “nutso” blogger as a “harried hermit” is highly inappropriate. Your public allegations about a person’s private life put your own up to public scrutiny. She is not a “hermit”- has a family and an active life. You on the other hand are single, no kids. Is that why you are so angry?

            You are Hoboken’s incarnation of Trump who Tweets insults against everyone who disgrees with him- you insult everyone who disagrees with you. Grow up, Kurt. You disgrace the public office you hold, paid for with “robot” and “hermit” tax money.

          • Maybe his venomous political hack NHSA buddy Tony can loan Kurt 3 bucks for a slice of pizza. Tony the HACK.

          • No it’s not a personal attack. I did not go into any personal stuff but I did mention that in the context of her job as a political operative she has shown signs of being unhinged or nuts in a political context.

            Not long ago a deal with Russo would have received the sharpest rebuke from GA. In a political sense you have to be nuts to not see the insanity of defending Ravi-Russo so in a sense the moniker Nutso is quite appropriate in a political sense.

            The attacks on Tiffanie via email last week via email are a coordinated robotic effort to oust her from DNC chair and hence that moniker too applies.

        • Of course it is a “personal attack.” You are a bully. You name-call supporters of politicians you do not like: “nutso” “hermit”, etc. You call fellow Democrats “robots” because they support a mayor you don’t like. GA blogs opinion and belief about her/our government. Nobody is forcing you to read it. Insults and name-calling cannot squelch free speech, try as you might. NEWSFLASH: Every citizen has the right to express their opinions and belief in America. Name-calling people and attacking them personally makes you look small. Not stature, but character. And you really should be ashamed of yourself because you are a public official. You are attacking people that you represent. You have no right to dictate what others should write on their personal blogs. Your sanctimony toward others is stunning. You have a blog. Instead of blowing hot air, post your PROOF of a “deal with Russo” on your own website and break some news. Stop bullying. You have disgraced your office.

          • For someone who dishes it out and piles the lies high day in and day out, Nancy sure can’t take it. She got behind the shady guy who is proving everyone was right he would be shady at City Hall and now in bed with Russo! What a crybaby! She gets called out and moans about bullying – just like lane and kimbo. She’s just like them but even worse!

          • You are a don’t. If you think attacking someone for beinh single is an intelligent strategy of behalf of Ravi you are an absolute idiot. Hoboken is home to many single people so alienating that constituency is no way to build on a paltry 32% plurality.

            If you take that personally that is your problem. Answer the question is Ravi Bhalla’s contract perfectly ethical and proper. If you say yes without good reason then you are a robot who is bonkers for Bhalla.

            Not one Bhalla supporter can defend his contract on this thread.

  14. There once was a doofus named Kurt
    Whose butt was so sore that it hurt
    His stature was tall
    But his brain was quite small
    Which is why he was dumber than dirt.

  15. Yeah I might admit to being guilty of some political name calling but Nutso Nancy is on full display with her vitriolic behavior. She broke the truce two weeks ago with another false narrative over my comments about Leprecon. There is no integrity left in her. Zero.

    They can’t defend Ravi’s unethical contract so they lob personal attacks. Nancy is engaged in the politics of personal destruction on behalf of Ravi Bhalla who has paid her for services rendered.

    The issues I raise are legitimate:

    1) Ravi Bhalla’s law contract is unethical so if you disagree please explain.
    2) Please try and defend Ravi and Russo being political allies.

    C’mon Stan Grossbard – your wife said Ravi was the only one she trusted yet we have Ravenous Ravi with a law contract trading on the Hoboken Mayor’s office under color of official right in the name of the politics of personal enrichment. All served on a platter of a meager 32% plate of plurality.

    Defend your wife’s legacy. Her historical record depends on it! Nancy has lost the ability and her other cucks can’t even offer an argument. You however a man of words with a propensity of online cross dressing in the form of Linda Lou. Hit me with your best argument. You kwow Nancy can’t deliver because you view her as your useful idiot but only so useful.

    Any other Ravi supporter that does not speak out against this corrupt contract shall remain in robot status. Any time support is 100% for any politician the term robot is aptly descriptive.

  16. Read your last line and ponder why it doesn’t work in your attempted limerick.

    When you’re done pondering, if your head doesn’t hurt too much from all that thinking, ponder this:

    When you call Dawn “dimwit Dawn,” call her husband “grossfart,”prattle on about the shadow, call Ravi corrupt and prattle on about Ravi Bots, you are not damaging anybody but yourself. Even people who are not supporters of the Mayor see you as unhinged.

    It’s pretty obvious by now that you actually are the nasty, juvenile unintelligent person you have been presenting yourself. However, you might want to consider whether that is how you really want to continue to be perceived.

    You fooled many people for a long time. Perhaps some day you’ll be able to fool them again, but not of you keep showing off the real Kurt for all to see.

    • The limericks on this thread are not mine. There are imitators who lack my skills at rhyme. I once wrote limericks but Ravi snowflakes and their sensitive ears could not handle them. Thus I switched to prose. Fake Striver in particular could not handle them. He could not handle Garcia either on the HHA.

      As far as dimwit Dawn goes, she “trusted” Ravi and helped dupe Hoboken into supporting a corrupt contract seeking Mayor. The act of getting duped not only by Ravi but by NJ Transit with UDD shows major judgemental lapses. At least she was mostly honest even though she lied to me over NHSA. I will say Dawn would have never taken up such a contract ever. I will always give her that. She unlike a Ravi believed in good government.

      Still no one defending Ravi’s corrupt deal on the contracts. The evidence of Ravi Russo will come to be public soon with a Church Square Pilot. Russo does not do something for nothing and the egg will be on your face soon and the taxpayer will suffer.

      Nancy loves Russo.
      Stan “The Man” Lindastan loves Russo.
      Dawn Zimmer loves Russo.
      Ravi loves Russo.
      Ravibots love Russo.

      Please say it isn’t so and I will drop the robot reference.

      I have a very high opinion of women by the way. When they exude leadership intelligence and good judgment they get my respect. When they act like a 4 year old child like Nancy they do not get my respect. Unlike certain Ravi supporters whose misogyny have been on full display recently.

      Will a Ravi Bhalla supporter please stand up, please stand up,
      Will the the real Slim Shady, please stand up, please stand up.
      Defend the double dipping contract, please stand up….

  17. Once again, please stay on the topic of the article. Nobody cares about your back and forth petty nonsense. Since you both seem to operate blogs, please lob insults at each other on your blogs and leave the rest of us out of it.

  18. You might want to consider that the reason no one will bother engage you in serious discussion is because it would be a waste of time given that (1) you don’t matter since you have squandered the credibility that once enabled you to help shape the opinions of others, and (2) you have neither the maturity nor the intellectual capacity to engage in thoughtful policy discussions with anybody who doesn’t view issues through your political lenz.

    People laugh at you rather than engage with you because you have made yourself into a pathetic caracature, a nasty, childish buffoon interested only in hearing your own voice rather than listening and sometimes even learning from others.

    You seem genuinely incapable of processing information that doesn’t fit your pre-formed, partially informed and often even delusional opinions. There’s a reason that a nut job like Roman sees you as a kindred spirit.

    Self awareness is the first step toward positive change. An objective look in the mirror would do you some good. Give it a try. It’s never too late to grow up.

    • Look who thinks they’re some sort of moral arbiter! The guy who concocted the backroom fiasco to put Ravi into the mayor’s office. You owe the entire City of Hoboken an apology. But first, apologize to your wife. “Ravi Bhalla is the only one I trust.” Dawn Zimmer’s infamous words that will live in infamy! How’s that working out? The Shadow knows. The Shadow knows.

  19. Alright guys, I’m glad all seven of you were able to chime in lol, but now that we’ve gone over 100 shutting this thread down.

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