‘Beef’ between two rival motorcycle gangs leads to bar stabbing, police say

The motorcycle gangs the “Whatever Riders” and the “Wicked Riders” just can’t put what one bar owner calls “beef from a party two weeks ago” to rest, according to a police report from an incident yesterday where a man was stabbed at a Jersey City bar.

A screenshot from Google Maps of the Tres Cuartos bar in Jersey City,
A screenshot from Google Maps of the Tres Cuartos bar in Jersey City.
By Kate Mosso/Hudson County View
According to the police report, a 27-year-old was stabbed around 2:40 am Sunday morning outside the Tres Cuartos bar on Summit Avenue in Jersey City by an “unknown actor”, who then disappeared down Charles Street towards Central Avenue.

Two female friends of the victim say the assailant punched him in the nose before stabbing him in the right arm, hitting an artery and causing major blood-loss as he stumbled across the street and collapsed in front of the bar, police said.

Eye witnesses stated they were unsure what type of weapon was used to stab the victim, officials said.

Paramedics rushed him to the operating room of the Jersey City Medical Center and witnesses described the attacker as drunk, about 5’5 and heavy-set with dark skin, authorities said.

According to police, the owner of Tres Cuartos claims “the fight is from an after-hours party that happened in Newark, NJ two weeks ago” between the two rival motorcycle gangs.

Officials also noted that there was a heavy amount of blood on the sidewalk when they arrived at the crime scene.

The incident marks the second motorcycle gang-related stabbing in Jersey City in the past week.

On December 7th, members of the “Whatever Riders” were reportedly involved in a street fight that lead to a stabbing at Mango’s Lounge on Linden Avenue. That same night, “Whatever Rider” member Victor Navarro, 35, was arrested for illegal possession of a handgun (h/t The Jersey Journal).

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  1. Talk to me’ how do ppl write things about us’ when we have nothing to do with or know nothing about this incident.. And look at what they say’ WICKED and WHATEVER RIDERS have beef’ Since when? There’s never been nothing but L&R for each other .. Wicked riders does not have any issues with any motorcycle club organization or any one person anywhere.. The story is completely FALSE and WRONG!!! I JUAN LANDRON JR’ as PRESIDENT of WICKED RIDERS MC. from the beginning until now have did nothing but lead this organization in a positive way.. Everything we’ve done for our charities and our SCHOOLS in our community speaks for itself.. No way do we consider ourselves to be a gang or outlaws’ always kept my club out of any trouble it’s not who we are.. It’s not the attention I want for my club!!! YOU AND YOUR STORIES ARE WRONG!!!! If you need to talk to me and ask any question about my club.. Please feel free to contact me..

  2. Hey Juan, thanks for commenting. I didn’t write this story, but this is my news organization so I try to read all the feedback. I have a copy of the police report and this is what it says verbatim. If you’d like a copy, I’d have no problem sending it to you. Sorry, but the police report says what it says, if you read the piece in The Jersey Journal, it says the same thing we did because it came from the same police report.

    • A “beef” between motorcycle clubs led to a man being stabbed early this morning at Summit Avenue and Charles Street in the Jersey City Heights, according to police.

      Police found the 27-year-old victim lying on his back in a pool of blood outside a local bar around 2:40 a.m..

      The man, who was rushed by ambulance to Jersey City Medical Center-Barnabas Health, had been stabbed on the upper side of his right arm and an artery had been severed, police said.

      He underwent emergency surgery at the hospital.

      Two women who were with the victim said he had been confronted twice by a man who appeared to be drunk who wanted to fight and at some point the man punched the victim in the nose, police said.

      It wasn’t clear when the victim was stabbed and no one saw a knife, according to police reports, adding the women saw the victim stumble across the street and collapse in front the bar.

      The bar owner told police this incident stemmed from “a beef that happened at an after hours party” in Newark two weeks ago between the two motorcycle clubs.

      In this article I don’t see my clubs name.. I’m not a journalist and I found out the person who been stabbed is not affiliated with any motorcycle club.. A good journalist will not post without at least checking and making sure all T’s have been crossed and all your i’s dotted.. You’re crucifying me and my club without finding out how accurate the story is and talking to us..

  3. This is the most fictional story line I have ever read, wicked riders mc have only been a positive influence in the motorcycle community by helping hospitals and kids in need I known the president of wicked riders for over nine years never heard anything negative about him

    Z URMC

  4. Hey john, thank you for the info.. I completely understand.. But I take everything that is said about my club very seriously.. I just think your people should of looked a little deeper into the story and they would of noticed or said wickedriders riders has nothing but positive articles in the paper Nj.com, and wonder if the story is true.. I always try my best to keep my club out of a thing negative.. I was having a toy drive for A HARRY MOORE SCHOOL the night of the incident I HAVE MY CLUB READY TO GO ON FRIDAY TO DELIVER THESE TOYS TO ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE SCHOOL.. The last thing we need is negativity’ if you would just search Nj.com that’s what we love to do… it all speaks for itself.. Please if it’s no trouble do send me the info.. And if any questions please feel free to contact me.. By email and I will give u my personal number if you would like to speak to me.. Thank you..

  5. PACO Dead Serious MC

    Not for nothing none of the Motorcycle clubs should be called gangs yes you have ur good and bad but we are not GANGS we are a brotherhood and sisterhood. A lot of us do so much for our children and community. But we don’t get blasted for doing good things for the community or get stories in the papers that we do toy drives do cancer walks and other thing’s. This is crazy and I’ve know Jr for a long time and they are good people’s and do alot for the community. Look this motorcycle gang shit they saying is got to stop we are not gangs we are brother’s and sister’s no matter what. Stop posting negative things about MC post up the good things we do.

  6. Just to put my two cents… They use “gang” because it sounds juicier to the people reading. Alot of negative comes from the media/papers just for ratings… smh

  7. Hate the term gang as well.. Call us what we really are clubs… They quick to look at us clubs if we are around a situation that has nothing to do with us in there eyes we get pointed out first.. Smh we do more for the community in positive notes and we still get s****ed on smh…

  8. OK 1 point I want to make if you all want to do good things do it without worrying about getting recognition of the media because if you do something you do it out of your own heart. Second if a club is so good why do you have members who are convicted felons and continue to do illegal activities while representing a vest. That is considered a gang by legal terms. I rode with whatever and wicked at one time I understand the brotherhood part nut yet again why offer a memebership to people like that???

    • Ucrider I don’t know who you are by this name but u know who I am apparently’ I don’t know what club you talking about but you come down to my club and point out one convicted felon in Wicked Riders…

  9. Who I am doesn’t matter but since I rode around with wicked and whatever mainly whatever yes there are members in certain clubs (not necessaryly meaning wicked) who are convicted felons. Reason I’m not saying who I am is because I was questioned had my career was jeopardized due to this incident and the arrest so it was a concern if I was still associated with the club. And I have learned recently from legal reasourses and other ppl who hung around wicked and wicked lounge that it is a branch of the hells angels. I am not sure about that but something that is going around both in government and regular people you all chill with.

    • UcRider’. Wicked Riders is a Branch of me’ we’re not affiliated with any one or any club … now You’re condemning all clubs because of people we might ride with, hang out with or personally know.. you still ride with clubs, hang out and are friends with certain people but probably just keep it on a down low because you’re afraid it will jeopardize your career’ it don’t make you a bad person… example look at the incident in NYC. on the west side hwy’ with the range rover .. riding with the groups involved and participated in that mess’ do you condemn all law enforcement because of a few bad cops’ NO!!! I sure don’t’ especially look at whats going on with all these law enforcement disgracing the badge with the police brutality and so on.. does that mean that all law enforcement are corrupt??? NO!!!… ABSOLUTELY NOT… we’re always hearing about how the law enforcement is the biggest corrupt gang in blue’ but nothing can be done because its backed by the government… I don’t think that way.. I do believe in the government and the people.. I just don’t believe in hypocrites.. Who we know, who we ride with and who we socialize with don’t don’t make us gangs… we do more for charities and give a hundred percent to it more than most of your so called organization…

  10. I would like to know if u hang out with someone ucrider are u giving them an application to hang with u? Do u call for credit checks? Most people hide their personal lives. I have been in the mc world for 12 years. A good portion of that i have known wicked. Juan is far from a gang leader. He is about family and i consider him a brother.

  11. I’m not affiliated with any motorcycle club, but I was at Tres Cuartos last week. And I have some questions about a few material facts missing from the article.

    Were there any motorcycles observed parked outside Tres Cuartos? Was the victim or perpetrator riding a motorcycle? Were either of them observed or reported to be wearing so-called “gang colors,” or uniform, or whatever you want to call it? Did anyone report sounds or noises often associated with motorcycle engines? Also, the article reports that the perpetrator fled on foot; did he flee toward, or away from, a motorcycle?

    Moreover, “Gangs” are usually recognized as a large group of people with similar characteristics; how many people were observed? I count three in the article, if you include the two female witnesses… so that could be an honest mistake on the part of the police.

    You see this is the classic sleight-of-hand, smoke-and-mirrors of journalism. Just say the magic words (Motorcycle Gang!), and people’s attention is diverted from the REAL trick. Such as:

    How would the bar owner know about “a beef that happened at an after hours party in Newark”? What is his source of information? Why does every Stabber seem to know that Tres Cuartos is the place to go, to do their stabbing? What is it about this place that makes it so stab-friendly? How do they make their money? Why do they call themselves a “Rum Bar” when there is only one bottle of rum behind the bar? Why don’t the bartenders know how to make any cocktails, rum or otherwise?

    And how have they stayed in business, through the “Great Recession of 2007”, when the place is always either empty or full of senior citizens (who presumably do not drink (much))?

    I should have been a journalist. Or a weatherman. You get paid to just say whatever you want.

  12. Just rename the comment section of this posting “The Self Adoration Forum for Those Who Believe “If they Say Something Enough Times Loud Enough, Everyone Might Actually Begin to Believe It”.

    for example:
    Jaun Ludlow: ‘Wicked riders does not have any issues with any motorcycle club organization or any one person anywhere.. The story is completely FALSE and WRONG!!!’

    Gee, I guess the complaint YOU signed against me with the JC Cops that led to my arrest, 3 months in jail and a year long trial never happened because you and Wannabe MC don’t have a problem with anyone anywhere.

    By the the way the modern term for the above is called “Ratting” and we all know how much society, as a whole believes what a rat has to say”.

  13. Mace Abrams’ unlike you’ you’re a criminal!!! Why don’t you say you had an arsenal of weapons and you shot out my security cameras and shot at my doors.. The security cameras proved it all!!! That’s why you were arrested!!! You don’t belong in the streets.. But like I continue to say my motorcycle club is no street or bike gang If we were things would be handled differntly with you.. But that’s not what we’re about! That’s the difference between gangs and a my motorcycle club.. You of course should definitely know wouldn’t you ???

  14. Umm your security cameras proved nothing. Had it done so, I’d be doing 5-10 upstate. Thank you for confirming what I said about your line of BS about not having problems with anyone. Like many things you have pontificated about on and on in your above statements, you show a great knack for fabrication.

      • Umm I saw the “proof” in court. Your proof shows nothing more than a muzzle flash in the darkness dated a month and 12 hours off from the claimed incident, No person. The judge and prosecutor saw said “proof” as well. It was so convincing the charges were thrown out. So what you are saying is: A Superior Court Judge, Chief Prosecutor, and myself are fibbing. Yeah, ok, wanna buy a bridge?

        • Ok mace it don’t matt anymore.. I never hated you and still don’t hate you.. I’m glad you came out ok.. I always wondered why you hated us so much.. But look at it this way’ now you don’t have to be near us any more.. Be good stay out of trouble’ Take care..

  15. ” Wicked Riders 5th annual Autism Awareness ”
    Please come support our autism awareness…
    Donation will be $15.00 at the door’ this will include food and a beverage’ the day will starts off with the kids’ T-Busa will be spinning and entertaining the Kids from 12pm till 5pm’ we’ll be having face painting, clowns, balloons, A huge Play house and more.. Then Starting at 5pm Dj Ricky 3 will be taking over.. We’ll be having 50/50 money raffles, autism patches, wrist bands, prizes giveaways and more.. trophies will be handed out for the Most Rep Mc, Ac & Sc clubs 5+ or more to qualify.. Books will close at 8pm.. On or a little after’ raffles will be called out and trophies will be awarded.. 100% of all the money collected that day and night will be going to Regional Day school the school for children with Autism.. Please support its all for the children!

  16. It’s ok cause.@ the end you’re R a Gang (reasons) a Gang of them looking delicious on the Blvd when I saw the boy/sisterhood giving toys to the children that day it bought tears to my eyes but my mmind said DAM people’s still do good in the world O excuse me GANG”S

  17. Last I cheked WRMC wears a hammer. Pretty sure that’s 81 support. Fact of the matter is ALL MCs have good and bad elements, but MOST, including WRMC, CAN’T CLAIM TO NOT HAVE SOME BAD SEEDS OR CONVICTED FELONS. Even “81” and “69”, do toy runs and charities. Does it make em less criminal? Absolutely not. Just a method of covering up dirty hands. Why lie?