Bayonne planning board approves 46th Street redevelopment project


The Bayonne planning board approved a 10-story, mixed-use redevelopment project near 46th Street and Broadway last night, despite some concerns from residents.


The city council approved the project back in August, to the chagrin of several residents on hand – though not everyone was against the project.

The new building is part of what is commonly referred to as “Resnick’s Redevelopment Plan,” since it will be built where Resnick’s Hardware Center operated for years.

Michael Miceli, the attorney for 975 Broadway Owner, LLC, gave a brief summary of where the project stood heading into the meeting.

Project engineer Joe Jaworski, a principal of Dynamic Engineering, project architect Francis Pisani and project traffic expert Joe Staigar, a principal at Dynamic Traffic, LLC all testified and took questions from residents at the over three-hour meeting.

Residents issues ranged from parking to the dynamics of the pool on the roof. 3rd Ward Councilman Gary La Pelusa Sr., the only council member who voted against the project (and used to sit on the planning board), asked Jaworski how efficient the two parking elevators in the garage would be.

Mary Curtis, who grew up near 46th Street and Broadway, said her parents were in tears at home based on the project’s design, also inquiring about the pool.

Additionally, Robert Engelhardt III expressed his dismay with the fact that this would be the final time the public would be able to speak out about the project.

Prior to the board’s vote, some residents became irate since they felt their opinions fell on deaf ears.

When it was all said and done, the board unanimously passed the measure (8-0).



  1. Everyone had a chance to express their opinion. The crowd was so rude that those of us who supported the projected couldn’t get up because they would yell at us and call us names.

  2. If the residents of Bayonne wanna know what’s going to happen down the pike for them, just look at the miserable shambles Joe Demarco left WNY in. Everything that is currently happening in BAYONNE, WNY has suffered through …. It’s the same old same old DeMarco routine… He’s bringing in all the same vendors, all the same players and soon you will see your hometown in the crapper too. It’s all on Demarco. Good luck.

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