Bayonne Mayor Davis issues executive order for one-year hiring freeze


Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis has issued an executive order implementing a one-year hiring freeze as the city continues to work towards filling a $15 million gap in next year’s proposed budget. Jimmy Davis

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“My release of Executive Order 2016-001 comes after many conversations, over the past several weeks, with members of my administration, City Council, and Bayonne residents,” Davis said in a statement issued this morning.

“We discussed concerns about financial oversight and fiscal stability. I take these concerns seriously. Therefore, as the City’s chief executive and ultimate hiring authority, I felt it necessary to take formal action.”

According to the executive order, there will be four exceptions:

1. The hiring of approximately 225 summer summer and seasonal workers for recreational, educational and other annual programs.


2. The hiring of emergency personnel (police, fire, EMS, crossing guards) on an as needed basis.


3. The hiring of no more than two state workers in connection with the state ordered revaluation.


4. The transfer of no more than five workers as the result of the dissolution of the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority.

The executive order comes after the city opted to impose a 30-day hiring freeze at last month’s council meeting, where a $135 million budget was introduced.

“Obviously I’m in favor of it, I’m glad. I think it’s needed. The end result is what really matters, so what I introduced is happening. Whether it’s me or the mayor putting my name on it doesn’t matter,” said 3rd Ward Councilman Gary La Pelusa, who introduced a last-minute hiring freeze resolution at the last council meeting.

The council at the time opted for a short-term freeze as opposed to a long-term one

“Everyone knows this is happening because of the resolution I introduced last month,” he added.

The city is still trying to fill a $15 million hole in the budget that occurred as the result of Kate Howard LTD backing out of developing the Harbor Station South project.

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  1. I have read this article and am trying to figure out one thing. Why would we need to transfer no more than five workers from the BMUA to the city payroll. This is not a benefit to us. This is another way to spend more money. You are adding to the payroll. The only good thing is that their salaries cannot be hidden anymore like they have in the past. Mr. Boyle and friends better be on notice to make sure he and his cohorts in the MUA are going to have to EARN their paycheck. I hope now that they will be brought over to the city, he doesn’t get a car allowance.