Bayonne comes out strong for Veterans Day ceremony at city hall


The ceremony, which had at least 200 residents enter the Dorothy Harrington City Council chambers, featured a World War II veteran getting honored for his service, as well as a Vietnam veteran detailing the challenges of going to war and coming home.


Mayor Jimmy Davis told a story involving his 7-year-old son, Joshua, from this morning to help explain the importance of Veterans Day.

World War II veteran James P. Hennessey was honored at the event, with Lee Fahley of the Bayonne Historical Society presenting him with the Man of Achievement award.

Hennessey, a member of the Army 87th Infantry Division, was honored to take the podium afterwards.

Hudson County View was fortunate enough to have a few words with Hennessey after the event concluded.

Before the ceremony ended, Tony Goodman, a Vietnam veteran who is the commander of the Jersey City VFW, spoke about his fears regarding entering the war, as well as adapting to society when he returned home. 

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