Bayonne BOE candidate Sebik discusses the need for efficiency on the board


John Milan Sebik, seeking a three-year term on the Bayonne Board of Education, says he would bring efficiency to the board in terms of budget, classroom preparedness and technology.


In an interview with Hudson County View, Sebik first stated that the board has improved since moving to an elected board last year.

“The board has been more open and transparent and I don’t believe that there is sort of a political aura over the board itself. I believe that there are individual members that that speak their mind,” he exclaimed.

However, the candidate still criticized the board for their clashing personalities, stressing that they needed to remember its’ “children first on every decision.”

If elected, Sebik says he would tackle the budget by working closely with the new superintendent to really monitor the effectiveness of each program, as well as personnel, by implementing an automated and streamlined “organizational flow” system through the use of technology programs.

“My job, as a taxpayer myself, is to make sure that the taxpayer money is spent wisely,” he explained

Sebik expressed he would also like to see vocational programs be implemented in more schools.

With his stepchildren attending a district school, he has vested interest in making sure that students in district schools really get the education and exposure to become “future leaders” and that  children should be given a “plethora of choices because you never know what will peak their interest.”

Mentioning a few of his friends who have are successful mechanics, plans on developing relationships with union members and fortune 500 companies to help create programs where these companies can sponsor students and really give them a true hands on experience.

He would also try to help raise and find additional funding to increase efficiency in classrooms by upgrading facilities and schools to create healthy learning environments.

“I would do my best to find the money to upgrade our schools and classrooms,” stated Sebik.

Echoing the sentiments of his running mates, Gina Irizarry and Sharma Montgomery, he too would also like the school district to use to technology to “eliminate some of paperwork” that comes home.

Sebik predicts that upcoming challenges of the board would be finding a superintendent, settling teachers’ contract and improving school safety, including the commute to school.

Additionally, the candidate would like to see more law enforcement on the county roads to improve pedestrian safety.

Sebik also plans to enhance the communication between parents, individual schools and board members via phone text and/or social media.

As for schools, Sebik would like to sit down with the group face to face, and “make myself readily available for them.”

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