Barquin Funeral Home hosts ribbon cutting ceremony in Guttenberg


Barquin Funeral Home, a funeral home with a unique, modern design, hosted their ribbon cutting ceremony in Guttenberg on Saturday afternoon. 


Mayor Gerald Drasheff and members of the town council joined Mario Barquin, the owner of Barquin Funeral Home, and his family and friends during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

This two-floor funeral home greets its guests with glass doors and a spiral staircase leading into a round room that Barquin refers to as “the living room.”

Decorated with an oversized chandelier and plush furniture, this grand-sized round room serves the purpose “to make you feel at home,” he added.

The funeral home also has three flexible chapel rooms which can accommodate up to 200 people, a prayer room and a kids room furnished with a flat screen television and books to keep them preoccupied.

Located on the corner of 71st and Broadway, the two-story funeral home receives plenty of sunlight during the daytime, complimenting its color schemes of muted colors for the overall feel of tranquility and calmness.

Additional amenities include an eat-in lounge, an elevator and a parking lot.


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