At State of the City, Fulop reveals plans to start city-run bus, address lead contamination


At his 6th annual State of the City Address, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop discussed a variety of topics, including plans to start a new city-run bus system and addressing potential lead contamination in the city’s schools.

” … Working closely with Ward A Councilwoman Denise Ridley and Ward B Councilwoman Mira Prinz-Airy, and of course, our esteemed state senator, we are budgeting $2 million dollars towards supplementing mass transit options and access for Greenville and the West Side,” Fulop said in front of a full house at council chambers in City Hall last night.

“In 2019, we are putting out an RFP for a partner transportation provider to better connect the south side of Jersey City to the PATH system via the state’s first city-run bus system. We continue to look for ways to enhance transportation throughout the city for residents to get around, and we are doing so with an added focus on safety.”

The mayor did not get into the particulars of how the system would work, but did say the RFP would go out after the city completes a transit study on a bus transit system.

As far as lead remediation goes, Fulop stated that the problem would be solved via a joint effort between the city, the board of education and the municipal utilities authority.

For the time being, the goal is to have a lead infiltration system installed in every school in the city by January 2020.

“The MUA will start installing a lead filtration system in certain schools. Once that’s completed in the upcoming months, we will work hand in hand with the Board of Education and expand the program to every school where needed. The goal is to have all schools remediated by January 2020,” Fulop explained.

“As I said earlier, our human capital is our most important and valuable asset, and investing in our children is the most influential, long-term investment we can make.”

Other highlights included Fulop mentioning continuously hiring police officers and firefighters, completing Berry Lane Park, implementing the Vision Zero traffic safety program and putting the first phase of the Bayfront development project out to bid.

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