Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia leaves office with farewell party in Hoboken


Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia (D-33) bid his constituents adieu with a farewell party at the Hoboken Elks Lodge on Thursday night, where about 50 constituents stopped by to show their support.

” … All the people that are here, in this intimate moment for me, I am truly, truly humbled and honored and grateful for your friendship. For your … trust, your belief, in my movement, because it is a brand,” Garcia told his guests on hand.

“The ‘I can, I will, watch me’ will be a brand that’ll live on forever and ‘we can, will will, watch us’ will be something that I know groups will continue to use when they’re struggling because there are two parts of life that are so prominent: and that is the struggle and the progress.”

Garcia, as he has before, also recounted having to jump out of the third story window of his Hoboken apartment when he was 10 year old and his family was living in one of the city’ housing authority buildings.

For that reason, he says it was particularly humbling to become the executive director of the HHA (although he didn’t leave under the best circumstances, which has resulted in pending litigation) and eventually the state Assemblyman of the 33rd Legislative District – where he was “the voice to represent the voiceless.”

Garcia, a former deputy mayor under David Roberts, tried to continue his political career when he embarked on a bitter campaign to unseat 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino, but he came up short.

When asked if he would be interested in running for councilman-at-large run in 2017, Garcia said he wasn’t thinking that far ahead and was looking forward to being back on a somewhat regular schedule and spending more time with his family in 2016.

Editor’s Note: After this story was published, members of Carmelo Garcia’s staff told us that from start to finish, about 7 p.m. until 10 p.m., 100 guests attended the event.

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  1. If only a Hoboken crook had the fortitude to crawl back into the hole from where he came.
    Darn, no such luck.

    Carmelo is a brand alright. A brand of corruption Hoboken should never forget.
    No doubt Jesscia Coco and others Carmelo tried to victimize will never forget either.

    • How is the Mayor racist? Please tell us of these incidents. I doubt you will be able to but there are tons of details on Carmelo being terrible at the HHA or in his political career. He can play you the recordings if you like

      • Ed, if you’ve read any of this guy’s comments on Politickernj you’d know his elevator doesn’t run up to the penthouse. Trust me, you won’t get an answer.

  2. I find it ironicwho held the bible for Jen Giattino when she got sworn in last week. That’s the same guy who supported Carmelo when he became a Director in Dave Roberts’ Administration. The same guy who also supported the appointment of Carmelo as Executive Director of the Housing Authority under the Roberts Administration. funny isn’t it, how the faux Reformers have such a short memory and can forgive so easily as long as the campaign contribution checkbook is open for them. It’s also kind of ironic how the same faux Reformers will attack Michael Russo because his father was convicted of political corruption, but are so welcoming to another son of a convicted political felon.
    The double standards of the Zimmer Administration and her supporters are just mind boggling.
    Even more mind boggling when you think about which law firm represents the City in Workers Comp Court.
    Garcia may have lost the election, but Jen Giattino’s supporters should hang their heads in shame when they realize that they were duped into believing that everything in City Hall is legitimate.

  3. People should remember that this is what you get when you vote someone into office only because of ethnicity.
    We need to find good, ethical, competent, honest people to represent us.