Assembly hopeful Hart: Bayonne Mayor Davis should resign over sexting scandal


31st Legislative District Assembly candidate Kristen Zadroga Hart is calling for Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis to resign after a former City Hall employee publicly accused him of sexual harassment last night. Kristen Hart

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The statements made about the behavior of Mayor Davis are troubling to say the least. Hudson County continues the tradition of being an old boy’s club with stories like this,” Hart said in a statement.

During last night’s Bayonne City Council meeting, Stacie Percella, a former deputy registrar of vital statistics at City Hall who was fired in December, called for Davis to step down for sending her sexually charged text messages.

Hudson County View first reported on the situation earlier this month.

“I hope women everywhere find the courage like Stacie Percella did to come forward and confront their harassers. I commend Ms. Percella for demonstrating the bravery needed to bring this situation to light,” Hart also said.

“Bayonne schools are in crisis and the city faces a serious deficit in moral leadership. Mayor Davis should consider stepping down and get his personal affairs in order before he mismanages another public resource.”

Hart, who is running off the Hudson County Democratic Organization line with Bayonne Board of Education Trustee Christopher Munoz, called for LD-31 incumbents Nick Chiaravalloti and Angela McKnight to condemn Davis’ actions and reject his endorsement.

Chiaravalloti and McKnight did not immediately return inquiries seeking comment this afternoon.

In conclusion, Hart said “nobody is above the law or common decency” and the time to speak out against this type of behavior is long overdue.

“Nobody is above the law or common decency, not Bill O’Reilly, not Donald Trump, and surely not Jimmy Davis. Every woman knows sexual harassment when they see it and anyone not condemning this behavior is silently condoning it.”

A spokesman for Davis also did not return inquiries seeking comment, but was previously dismissive of the situation, calling it an “orchestrated campaign” to file a lawsuit against the city.

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  1. Christopher Munez you’re running mate sits on the Bayonne Board of Education…it’s not the mayor that made these financial decisions it’s Christopher Munez and board.Christopher Munez he should consider stepping down.since
    Munez is one of nine that led to the financial disaster at the school board has now

  2. ask your buddy Stacy when she used the n-word and was thrown out of the campaign office in 2014.
    the mother and son are ready to file a discrimination suit against your buddy Stacy.

  3. With a few changes to your statement…
    candidate Kristen Zadroga Hart
    “Bayonne schools are in crisis and the city faces a serious deficit in moral leadership. “Christopher Munez” should consider stepping down and get his “Bayonne Board of Education” affairs in order before he mismanages another public resource.”
    John R Cupo