As summer winds down, Guttenberg officials offer free ice cream to residents


Guttenberg Mayor Gerald Drasheff, the Town Council and the local arts center came together to distribute free ice cream to residents yesterday. Sponsored Content.


Hudson County View was given a tour of Guttenberg Arts, a resident art studio located at 6903 Jackson St.

According to Guttenberg Arts Director Matt Barteluce, a variety of art classes are held here including silk screening, painting, photographer, and ceramics.

“We’ve had this really great relationship with them since our start in 2014, we’re the only art organization in Northern Hudson County, in Guttenberg, so we kind of fill this void in the county – in the community – for artists all over the world to come here and work in this space so we say yes to just about anything,” he said about his relationship with Guttenberg’s elected officials.

“So the Mayor called us and said ‘we’re going to have an ice cream truck and we’re looking for a place to put it’ and we said ‘that’s great, that’s perfect let’s get the kids over here.’”

Barteluce added that the local governing body and the arts center “have similar missions” regarding bringing more culture and activities to the community.

Councilman Wayne Zitt came out to enjoy some ice cream and meet new community members, stating it was a great way to meet constituents.

“This is just to get to know the people in the neighborhood, get our faces out here. Get a little bit of a vibe with what the neighborhood is, we’ve done this through different spots throughout the town, it’s basically like a meet and greet and show our appreciation for residents in town”.

One resident, Jonathan Rueda felt like this was a a good experience for the community.

“I think it actually brings a good chunk of people all together to talk, see, and experience all these cool new things … It brings everybody together to at least have fun.”