Arango: ‘Kopko is the man from Hudson that Gov. Christie needs in Trenton’


Jose Arango, the Chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party, says that District 31 Republican Assembly nominee Matthew Kopko is “the man from Hudson that Governor Christie needs in Trenton.” 

Matthew Kopko

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

In a Facebook post from Monday night, Arango offered strong praise for Kopko, urging District 31 residents to vote for Kopko and his running mate, Herminio Mendoza.

Arango Facebook


“I think he’s the conservative guy that we need in Trenton to help Chris Christie finish his job. He’s a loyal Republican … we need people who are conservative and can change the philosophy in the county, especially in the 31st district,” Arango told Hudson County View.

“We appreciate all the effort he has put into the party and I wish him the best. He’s an excellent candidate and a good person … he’s following Chris Christie’s agenda, and that’s good for us as Republicans.”

Arango also admitted that it’s going to be “a tough race” on November 3 due to Hudson County’s notoriously Democratic ways, though further stated that Herminio Mendoza is a good running mater for Kopko since “he knows what it is to go through the obstacles of owning a business in Hudson County.”

“We are glad to have the support of Republicans, Democrats, independents and people of all types that are fed up with business as usual in Hudson County. We look forward to being able to win on November 3, but need everyone to come out and vote Column A,” Kopko said in response to Arango.

When asked what he thought about Christie’s job as Governor of New Jersey, as well as what he thinks of his presidential aspirations, Kopko replied “I think New Jersey still needs a lot of help” and declined to comment further.

Arango said that the presidential race is “too early to predict” since everyone is watching “The Donald Trump Show,” which he feels voters will eventually grow bored of.

“Chris Christie has done a tremendous job in the state of New Jersey,” Arango also said.

Arango, the chair of the chairs for the Association of the New Jersey Republican County Chairs, was charged with driving while intoxicated in July and the case remains in the courts.

He declined to comment on the mater, stating his attorney is handling the situation, but the West New York native hasn’t let that slow him down, remaining extremely active in the New Jersey Republican Party since then.

Kopko and Mendoza challenge the Hudson County Democratic Organization’s Nick Chiaravalloti and Angela McKnight on November 3.

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