Alamo: We are ‘being defamed by naysayers with a clear political agenda’


Luis Alamo, the founder and president of Alamo Insurance, was clear in stating that his firm was terminated from the West New York Board of Education at Wednesday’s meeting for political reasons, he told Hudson County View in a prepared statement. 

luis alamo

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Alamo has rendered professional services to the WNY BOE with the highest degree of integrity and competence, both morally and ethically, for over a decade,” Alamo wrote.

“It is unfortunate that Alamo is being defamed by naysayers with a clear political agenda. We will not dignify the lies of the politicians as they seek their own political interests.”

In a presentation given to the West New York Board of Education this summer, Alamo said he could save the school district over $2 million through employee benefits premiums and risk management claims.

“These savings inure directly to the children of West New York, not to any politician,” he reiterated.

“Alamo Insurance Group will continue to serve the people of West New York, West New York Board of Education and hold it’s best interest until the very last minute of our assignment,” Alamo concluded in a written statement.

Alamo’s contract with the WNY BOE had been under fire ever since Superintendent of Schools John Fauta announced that the state Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance (OFAC) was investigating whether or not the board was properly approving insurance firms.

The contract was terminated on Wednesday by a vote of 4-3-1, with trustees Silvio Acosta, Nasrin Alam and President Steven Rodas voting no, while trustee Lorena Portillo – who was voted onto the board just minutes earlier – abstained.


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    I hope he has not walked into our Schools high or in possession on numerous occasions.

    Will Mr Ferriero agree to a drug test if he ever is found to be employed or receiving public funds?