Airbnb implementing new policy in Jersey City to limit unauthorized parties for 4th of July


Airbnb is implementing a new policy in Jersey City to limit unauthorized parties for the 4th of July weekend, restricting booking guests under 25 years old that don’t have a track record of positive reviews.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“In advance of the 4th of July holiday weekend and with social distancing mandates in full effect in Jersey City, today Airbnb announced a major initiative to combat unauthorized parties. Specifically, we are restricting booking guests under the age of 25 without a track record of positive reviews from booking local, entire home listings anywhere in the United States,” said Airbnb spokeswoman Lisa Cohen.

“For example, an 18 year-old who lives in Jersey City and has never had a review on Airbnb would be prevented by our technologies from booking a large home for one night in Jersey City.”

Like most municipalities in New Jersey, Jersey City will of course not be hosting fireworks this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but with a three-day weekend ahead, there will inevitably still be house parties and barbecues.

The city has been cracking down on those committing egregious violations of state orders, for example The Factory allowing hundreds of patrons indoors without face masks last week.