After 21-month vacancy, Christie appoints Mason to Hoboken Housing Authority


With less than a week left in his second term, outgoing Gov. Chris Christie (R) has appointed former Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason to the local housing authority after nearly 21 months of the state appointed seat being vacant. Beth Mason

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Christie, whose term expires next Tuesday, announced Mason’s appointment today with little fanfare as his office released a list of dozens of direct appointments throughout the state.

According to the Hoboken Housing Authority’s official website, Christie’s last appointment to the HHA, Judy Burrell, saw her five-year term expire on April 15th, 2016 – meaning the seat has been vacant for just shy of 21 months.

Mason, at one point a consistent political adversary of ex-Mayor Dawn Zimmer, opted not to seek re-election to the city council in 2015 and has since forged a solid relationship with state Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) – who has shown an ability to work with Christie at times.

In June 2016, Mason hosted a fundraiser for a pro-Sweeney super PAC, New Jerseyans for a Better Tomorrow, to bolster an expected gubernatorial run – though that never came to fruition.

Then, less than two months ago, Mason and Sweeney teamed up to co-host a post-election victory party for the latter in Atlantic City during the League of Municipalities.

Despite a spirited, and extremely expensive challenge from a New Jersey Education Association funded opponent, Sweeney was re-elected in November with relative ease.

Mason could not immediately be reached for comment, while HHA Chairman David Denning declined to comment.

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  1. Well thanks to Dawn and Ravi destroying the reform movement that held Mason in check, it’s all over. Certainly Mason will try to exploit the HHA population for starters. Then sky’s the limit.

    Thanks Dawn and Ravi! Great job!

  2. Mason has been right about a few things. She was right to charge Brice with assault when he should have used a process server, and she was right that Ines or Peter B would have made a better successor in her seat than what we wound up with. She has the capacity for good judgment and may do well in this position if she continues to apply it.

    • Back when reformers were united and helped the bloggers like Pincus and Brice with moral support, email evidence and money for their case everyone agreed Mason was a complete A$$hole.
      Now she’s there’s been a complete role reversal

      • Back then, everyone also agreed Zimmer was an honorable mayor. Now we know some people throw cyber tantrums when they don’t get their way and fabricate defamatory allegations about people who helped and supported them. Seeing their behavior in a different light, it begs the question whether Mason had a point in trying to protect herself from persecution by bullies and stalkers.

        • So Mason’s efforts to destroy Hoboken were ok? She’s a “victim” of “bullies and stalkers?”

          Let’s hear more about this fantasy. Oh and how much does she pay you?

          • Mason had her hand in all evil in Hoboken. I saw the emails published after that frivolous lawsuit. She tried to destroy the hospital and bankrupt the city. For spite, because residents wouldn’t vote her mayor.

            She’s a rancid witch who needs to finish drying up and blow away to the gates of hell. They decline for th moment and said see you next Tuesday.

            Mason sued plenty. Her time is coming.

          • Mason sued anyone in the way for power. She sued her own council colleagues repeatedly such was her thirst for power.

            She’s a nasty, evil witch. Lock her up!

  3. Someone has a old obsession and fetish to revive.
    Maybe now she can take time off of her sick cyber stalker like behavior with DeFusco and Giatinno.

  4. The good news is that Beth will probably be demanding the release to the public of the transcripts and terms of the 700k settlement the minute she takes her seat. Can’t wait for the public to learn why “Stan Grossbard is a bad man”.

  5. Really? Those are serious allegations. How exactly was Mr. Dening pressured and by who? As a commissioner isn’t he duty bound to cast his votes only in the best interests of the HHA? Are you saying he didn’t do that?

  6. You know when a political blog is dead? It is when not a single comment is posted to any of it’s lunatic fringe stories and they try charge seventy five bucks for the privilege of joining the non-dicussion.

    • Who else broke the story on how Beth Mason got the appointment? It was the Democratic State Senator Steve Sweeney who got it for Mason according to the MSV story I saw. He took down the comments section. Maybe he just prefers to do stories and not deal with the idiots, morons and paid political operatives.

  7. Well at least we knows for sure based on ELEC reports that Sybil was a paid operative.
    Pay for “Palm Cards”…or was it a “Mailer” or was it a “sign” or was it a flyer? We will never know if any of those items came from the cave, but we do know there’s no money that can buy that much hate and bile for such a low paid failed amateur artist.

      • Think TripDownSybil’sLane is on to something. It’s pretty bizarre how much Sybil & Lane are alike.

        They both pathologically lie in their respective political operative roles for an idol. Lane did it on Hoboken411 and Nancy does it at Sybil’s Cave. Both fanatics and equally out of their minds.

        Lane was a far more talented liar. He was a better writer blending in half-lies and distortions to hook unsuspecting readers. The cave just goes with fanaticism combined with lying. Not impressive.

  8. Have you ever seen someone so distraught over City Council appointments as much as a smear blogger? I haven’t.

    She has been going on and on about how horrible it is Brian Assadorian did not get reappointed to NHSA. It’s literally a new Hoboken political ailment called PAST- Post Appointment Selection Trauma.
    The simple fact is Ravi has only two allies on the City Council. He did not have the votes thanks to Stan’s Scorched earth plan.

    Brian Assadorian was a close supporter of Ravi’s and had a penchant for ripping down Old Guard signage illegally posted on telephone poles after midnight. His nickname was Brian the Ripper. He did this political activity while on the NHSA. He was besties with Dawn and Stan and was recommended by them for the board back when reform had the majority. Now it is a simple fact that the political landscape has changed and you can thank Dawn Stan and Ravi as much as anyone else for the reform split. Tony Soares had the votes. Deal with it.

    Beth Mason is like a shark in chum filled waters. She can smell blood and the HHA is a way for her to build a base and get back in the game. If 33% can get you elected then Beth Mason might feel she still has a shot to run again for Hoboken office.

    • is that you cannot bring yourself to admit that assadourian was dropped for purely political reasons. the appointment doesn’t matter as much as whether decisions are made n the best interests of the public or the for pure politics. this is pure politics and everyone knows it. but you can’t be honest about it. instead you’d rather do a hatchet job on him. what, the council wanted tony instead because he’s so sweet and has no political baggage? you’re nothing but a political hack now. lying for the boss and attacking her enemies. you’ve become lane junior. the self-appointed corruption watchdog is reduced to doing jen and tiffany’s cyber laundry. how pathetic.

      • Of course it’s political. Duh. I just stated it above. Please go back and reread my post again and work on your reading comprehension skills. Please.

        The unhinged bloviating bitter Bhalla blogger in her cave whose ass you are so far up does not get that these appointments are political.Please reach out to Ravi and his brother so they can properly educate their paid operative. She has such an inflated opinion of herself that she actually thought she could get the council by bullying them with threats to change their votes. Pathetic. I think she wrote about the NHSA appointment 5 or 6 Times. She was obsessed and in the end crushed by reality that she can not comprehend,

        Tony Soares is not a sweet person and neither is Brian. They are both veterans of Hoboken’s political scene. I hear that Tony is actually is well respected by the NHSA executive team and consultants. Truth.

        It may be hard for you to imagine but Hoboken’s best interests were served by this appointment. No one is kissing Ravi’s ring thanks to Jerkoffastan’s shadowy scorched earth political strategy. It cost Ravi the council and has limited his ability to pass out political rewards like former Mayor McFeely.

        As for Brian’s sign ripping skills they are legendary and I mean that with all due respect. He may be off the NHSA but the former commissioner will be needed to beat back Beth Mason and her sign posting extravagant ways. Brian’s penchant for midnight sign ripping is to be respected and cherished and not mocked. The agility and stealth are off the charts with this chap not to mention dedication to his craft. Who else gets up at 3 am to rip signs other than big bad Matt? It is part of any political campaign’s tool set. He should get the franchise tag from Ravi.

        With Mason back in the mix at least there is a chance that the shards of shattered reform can get together and unite once again. We have a common enemy: Beth Mason. When Beth Mason runs for Mayor again I believe Brian’s skills will be needed more than ever. Let em rip Brian! Let em rip!

      • Heard that Fred and others at the NHSA welcome Tony back. He has a strong performance record representing Hoboken. A 7-2 vote is not close for a council appointment. That’s stating the obvious because the Ravibots at the cave are the biggest crybabies and demand he runs everything. Doesn’t work that way but nothing you can about Sybil and her handful of crybabies.

        Brian can get another board position. He should apply to a few. There are openings all the time.

  9. Beth should ask her former campaign manager on advice on how [NOT] to deal with a HHA Executive Director
    Rule 1. Don’t become his BFF
    Rule 2. Don’t email a Mayor’s spouse for advice on how to fire a director