A former Bayonne mayor, a Democrat, endorses GOP U.S. Senate challenger Hugin


Former Bayonne Mayor Richard Rutkowski, a Democrat, has endorsed Republican Bob Hugin for the U.S. Senate seat over incumbent Bob Menendez (D-NJ). 

Former Bayonne Mayor Richard Rutkowski (left, D) has endorsed Bob Hugin (R) for U.S. Senate. Rutkowski screenshot via YouTube.

By John Heinis/HUdson County View

“Bob Hugin has demonstrated a genuine interest in putting divisive party politics aside to develop a bi-partisan consensus to address issues such as improving the health care system and getting Washington to be more responsive to the needs of people in New Jersey,” Rutkowski said in a statement.

“I’m tired of watching the ineffective, partisan gamesmanship in our nation’s capital,” said Rutkowski. “As a former Army infantry officer, I believe it’s time to send in a Marine. It’s time to send in Bob Hugin.”

From 1990 to 1994, Rutkowski was elected as Bayonne mayor after serving as an at-large city councilman from 1978 to 1986. For many years, he operated and owned his well known family business, Hi Hat Caterers.

The former mayor is the namesake of the Peninsula City’s Richard A. Rutkowski Park, which is located on the waterfront.

“I’m thankful for the support of Mayor Rutkowski, who shares my belief that we can solve the problems facing our state by bringing people together, not by polarizing our society,” added Hugin.

“It’s long past time to retire corrupt career politicians like Bob Menendez, who has done nothing but serve his own interests while ratcheting up the degree of partisan, political bickering and animosity we have witnessed at all levels of government.”

Hugin and Menendez are hitting each other with their best shots as their bitter battle will come to a conclusion after the polls close on November 6th.

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