3rd super PAC linked to Bayonne mayoral race pays for pro-Ashe-Nadrowski mailer


The third super PAC linked to the Bayonne mayoral contest paid for a mailer touting Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski as “honesty and change for Bayonne” over the weekend.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The Committee to Advance New Jersey currently does not have any filings on the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJ ELEC) or the Federal Election Commission (FEC) websites.

The paid for line on the mailer, which also said Ashe-Nadrowski would fix our roads, bring back small businesses, and make Bayonne more affordable, is 1001 Boxwood Court in Mahwah.

The condominium housing development was most recently owned by Chris Direse, according to public records, and the last public phone number listed for Direse was disconnected when HCV tried to reach him on Monday.

“Sharon Nadrowski just can’t stop herself from engaging in the kinds of sleazy, dark money tactics that make people hate politics and lose faith in our government institutions,” said Mayor Jimmy Davis campaign spokesman Phil Swibinski said in a spokesman.

“Once again, the Davis campaign is demanding that Nadrowski reveal who is funding her dark money campaign, because Bayonne residents deserve to know what developers or big money corporations are bankrolling the Nadrowski candidacy.”

Ashe-Nadrowski’s campaign did not return an email seeking comment.

Last week, Team Davis called on Ashe-Nadrowski to identify who donated to the Washington, D.C.-based PAC the Citizens for Strength and Security Fund, a group that 3rd Ward council candidate Peter Franco produced a video for.

At the time, Swibinski targeted Franco over a 2008 court-martial conviction for having sex with a minor.

The PAC had attacked Davis in October and November of last year, but has since gone completely dark is no longer available on the FEC website.

The mayor’s offensive maneuver came after Ashe-Nadrowski blistered him over the Government for the People, a super PAC founded by former state Senator Ray Lesniak.

He admitted to told Politico that the PAC sought to help Davis get re-elected to a third term, with $2,500 paid to consultant Sean Caddle in December, about five weeks before he pleaded guilty to a murder-for-hire plot that claimed the life of of Jersey City politico Michael Galdieri.

The Bayonne municipal elections are on May 10th, where Dr. Mitchell Brown makes the mayoral race a three-way dance and every council seat contested.

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  1. I think we have the right to know where funding and backing is coming from for each candidate. If there is nothing to hide why aren’t we aware. If your running for Mayor there should be full disclosure where your funds are coming from.