32 months after initial federal charges, Jersey City’s Sudhan Thomas gets another continuance


Approaching three years after being charged by complaint of embezzling money from the Jersey City Employment and Training Program (JCETP) while serving as their acting executive director, Sudhan Thomas received yet another continuance in his case today.

Sudhan Thomas appearing in Morris County Superior Court on February 10th, 2020.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The discovery in this matter involves numerous documents and materials that defense counsel requires adequate time to review,” U.S. District Judge William Martini wrote.

“The grant of a continuance order will ensure that … defense counsel has sufficient time to review and inspect discovery and further investigate the charges in this matter. The failure to grant a continuance would deny counsel for the defendant the reasonable time necessary to effectively prepare for trial, taking into account the exercise of due diligence.”

The case has seen significant delays during the COVID-19 pandemic, over a dozen to date, and this is also Thomas’ third continuance granted this year, with the latest order signed through November 30th.

In January 2020, Thomas, also a former Jersey City Board of Education president, was charged by complaint from the U.S. Attorney’s Office with embezzling over $45,000 from JCETP while serving as head of the agency.

For about two weeks, Thomas was going to be represented by high-profile criminal defense attorney Christopher Adams, who would’ve also been his counsel in a separate case from the state Attorney General’s Office accusing him of bribery and official misconduct, but he was dropped for non-payment – the first of two times since he’s been charged.

10 months later, federal prosecutors threw the book at Thomas, charging him in a 26-count indictment alleging an elaborate embezzlement, money laundering, and bribery scheme involving both JCEPT and the BOE.

Additionally, Paul Appel, outside counsel for JCETP and the treasurer for Thomas’ 2016 BOE campaign, was charged as an accomplice on five counts.

Back in March 2021, Thomas rejected a plea deal from the AG’s Office that would’ve landed him five years in state prison and pleaded not guilty.

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  1. This person needs to go to jail if he is found guilty. He is a burden on the taxpayers who are footing his legal bills. Come on Mr. Sudhan Thomas, if you plead guilty the state will provide food and shelter for years. Almost 3 years and still no justice. When will the taxpayers see an end to this. If found guilty, he should be made an example of, to deter other smooth talking wannabe criminals. At least 20 years without parole would be reasonable. Huh Mr. Thomas, looks like your American Dream has turned into an American Nightmare. Fighting multiple cases and broke. Hopefully you are able to continue to lie to others and yourself. That kind of delusion is very important to keep reality at bay.

  2. Mr Sudhan Thomas was granted another continuance on 10th Mar 2023. We are anxious to see this case play out in court or Mr. Thomas to enter a plea deal so that he can serve a lengthy sentence in JAIL. Please don’t bend over to pick up the soap in the shower Mr. Thomas if you enter a plea deal. A bunch of people from Chennai want to fly over during the sentencing. You have done a fine job as a businessman, a father, a husband (multiple times lol) , a small time politician sucking on the public teat and as an upstanding law-abiding US citizen. Admitting more high skilled immigrants such as yourself will ensure that US will continue to be dominant in the sciences, innovation and business.