30,428 Hudson County voters, about 7.6%, cast their ballots as of 3 p.m.


30,428 Hudson County voters, or about 7.6 percent of registered voters, have cast their ballots as of approximately 3 p.m., an official said.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

4,212 early votes were cast, 9,493 vote-by-mail ballots were returned, and 16,723 people have voted on the machines today countywide, according to Hudson County Board of Elections Clerk Michael Harper.

The early vote tally does not include 35 provisional ballots that were also included in the overall early voting totals.

According to the Hudson County Clerk’s Office, the county has 398,190 registered voters overall.

The county executive race is at the top of the ballot, where Craig Guy, the chief of staff to outgoing incumbent Tom DeGise, is heavily favored against progressive activist Eleana Little.

All 10 county seats are up for grabs, though only seven are contested.

The closest matchups are expected to be Commissioner Yraida Aponte-Lipski vs. Mamta Singh in the 4th District, Commissioner Chair Anthony Romano in the 5th District, and Commissioner Al Cifelli vs. Alex Valdez in the 9th District.

The nine state legislative seats, three state Senate and six state Assembly seats, are also on the line, though only the 31st Legislative District has contested matchups.

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight is attempting to succeed returning state Senator Sandra Cunningham with the support of the Hudson County Democratic Organization.

She faces Michael Griffin, a close ally of Jersey City Ward F Councilman Frank “Educational” Gilmore, serving as his campaign manager in the November 2021 non-partisan race.

Assemblyman William Sampson is seeking re-election alongside Barbara Stamato, a first time candidate who is the current chair of the Jersey City Democratic Committee. They face a challenge in Shanelle Smith, Griffin’s sole running mate.

Guy and other HCDO mainstays have been pushing for a higher voter turnout than usual, hosting a few GOTV rallies since Thursday and the county exec hopeful getting help from a super PAC down the home stretch.

Republicans are also running candidates for 9 out of the 19 available seats, six legislative candidates and three for county commissioner, but none of them have primary matchups.

The polls are open until 8 p.m. and poll locations can be found here.

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