3 independents take top ballot positions in Bayonne BOE race that boasts 14 candidates


Three independent candidates have optimal ballot position heading into the November 5th Bayonne Board of Education contest, where a whopping 14 candidates will vie for three, three-year terms.

A file photo of the Bayonne Board of Education from June 29th, 2017.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Stephanie Wilson, a first time candidate, Anthony D’Amico, who unsuccessfully ran in 2017, and Melissa Godesky-Rodriguez, who came up short last year, scored one, two, and three, respectively, at Monday’s ballot drawing by the Hudson County Clerk’s Office.

Additionally, the “Make Bayonne Great” team of Lauren Alonso, the wife of Trustee Michael Alonso, Evelyn Sabol, and Charles Shepard will occupy ballot positions four, five and six.

The second of three full slates on the ballot, comprised of the three incumbents Carol Cruden, Charles Ryan, and Denis Wilbeck (the board vice president), are bracketed in spots seven, eight and nine under the slogan “Commitment, Experience, Integrity.”

Sharma Montgomery, running for the fourth time, Leo Smith, Jr., a former business administrator for the district who came within an arm’s length of making the board last year will be in ballot positions 10 and 11 and 12.

Additionally, Jan Egan, who was also very competitive in 2018, Lisa Burke and Melissa Matthews will round out the final three-person slate, running as the “Together We Can” team.

While Hector Gonzalez had submitted his petitions for nomination, he has since withdrawn from the race, according to the county clerk’s office.

Candidates have the ability to drop out until August 27th before ballot positions are finalized on August 28th.

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