10 advocacy groups urge Gov. Christie to appoint Julio Morejon as HC Prosecutor


Given that Hudson County has been without a prosecutor for 30 months, 10 advocacy groups, mostly from law enforcement, are urging Governor Chris Christie to appoint North Bergen Public Defender Julio Morejon to the post. 

Julio Morejon

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Statewide and National Latino Law enforcement, as well as non-law enforcement, organizations (that total 50,000 members across the state), are urging Christie – as well as Hudson County state Senators Nick Sacco (D-32), Brian Stack (D-33) and Sandra Cunningham (D-31) – to agree on Morejon as Hudson County Prosecutor.

Morejon would be the first Latino to serve as Hudson County Prosecutor, which has the largest number of Latinos among counties in New Jersey.

“The New Jersey Police Community Affairs Officers Association enthusiastically supports its own member, Julio Morejon, to serve as the Hudson County Prosecutor. Mr. Morejon is independent and has a vision for a community policing strategy to reduce crime,” said NJPCAOA President William Schievella in a statement.

Antonio Hernandez, a spokesman for the Coalition and President of the National Coalition of Latino Officers told Hudson County View, “As crime continues to trend up and trial statistics become more problematic, it is important now more than ever that Mr. Morejon be nominated to this position.”

“We are urging Senator Sacco, Senator Cunningham, as well as Senator Stack, to follow through on their fiduciary responsibility by collectively supporting Mr. Morejon’s nomination. Senatorial Courtesy should be used to facilitate immediate consent on this highly qualified candidate to best serve Hudson County.”

According to the NCLO, the Governor’s Office officially vetted Morejon as Hudson County Prosecutor back in March 2013, as well as the New Jersey State Bar Association in June 2013 and the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey in April 2013.

Morejon, who also has a law office in Guttenberg, is a former municipal court judge, and additionally, has been a prosecutor in Union City, Bloomfield and West New York.

One week ago, the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders unanimously approved a resolution urging Christie to appoint a new county prosecutor – a position that has been void since June 30, 2012.

Freeholder prosecutor

“The resolution was done in an effort to get the governor to proceed on naming a new prosecutor, so our interest is to see someone there so the office is acting at 100 percent,” said Freeholder Chairman E. Junior Maldonado, who clarified that he believes Acting Prosecutor Gaetano Gregory is doing a good job.

“Morejon is extremely capable and would be a welcome addition to the office, as would be Esther Suarez. We don’t care who it is, but we need someone immediately. I would also personally urge the governor to appoint someone Hispanic to the post, since the county is 42 percent Hispanic.”

Suarez, a Passaic County Superior Court judge, has been rumored for Hudson County prosecutor in recent weeks, though her residency in Wayne has come into question, according to multiple sources.

District 5 Freeholder Anthony Romano, a former Hoboken Police Captain, agreed that immediate action is necessary in this matter.

“It’s not fair to the staff, it’s not fair to Gregory,  we need a new Hudson County Prosecutor as soon as possible,” said Romano, who chairs the freeholders’ public safety committee.

“All the candidates, including the acting prosecutor, are qualified and hopefully one one will be picked in the near future.”

Gaetano “Guy” Gregory has served as Hudson County’s acting prosecutor since Edward DeFazio left the position to become a state Superior Court judge.

Senators Sacco, Stack and Cunningham did not return requests for comment, while a spokesman from Governor Christie’s Office declined to comment.

Here is the full list of the organizations supporting Morejon for Hudson County Prosecutor:

National Coalition of Latino Officers
The National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement Newark Chapter
The NJ Police Community Affairs Officers Association
Surge the Brown-out.org
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives Northern NJ Chapter National Asian Peace Officers Association
Italian American Police Society of New Jersey
National Council of Columbia Associations in Civil Service
Utility Workers Union of America
National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders
Dominican American National Roundtable Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey

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  1. OMG! Are you f-in kidding me! Morejone is a incompetent fool. This man is nothing more than a Nick Sacco lap dog. this fool is attempting to play the race card. Everyone knows that Julio and Nicck do not represent our community. If Julio could crawl out of his skin he would. This man is the farthest thing from a Hispanic representative as one could find. Julio is nothing more than a self serving ego maniac who lives in a luxury penthouse apartment in The Troy Towers while the homeless who live on the cliffs below him starve.

  2. Cubanito, why not blame the lack of a snow blizzard on Julio Morejon while you’re at it. Mr. Morejon is not running for political office, he just has many supporters who would like to see him as the next HCP. Mr. Morejon has been a resident of UC since 1972, and has lived at TT for 30 years-home to local UC teachers, police officers, local attorneys and supporters of UC’s Mayor. Don’t misdirect your anger and frustrations at Mr. Morejon, for the living conditions of others-you should contact your local politicians instead.

  3. Mr. Morejon would be a welcome change to “business as usual” at the HCPO. He has vision, a game plan to help make Hudson County a better place to live. Governor Christie please nominate Mr. Morejon. He is a good man, a family man. Mr. Morejon will make you proud that you chose him as the next HCP.

  4. A message to Senators Cunningham, Sacco and Stack: Get it done! The Governor wants Mr. Morejon to be the next HCP. You have tried all the rest, now try the best. Sign off on Mr. Morejon. He will make you proud you did. I have known this man for 32 years, and can vouch for his character and integrity. He knows the lay of the land and knows what we need to help improve our quality of life in Hudson County.

  5. I am a lifelong resident of Union City and have worked in Hudson County my entire life. I live in Troy Towers and know Mr. Morejon and his beautiful family. He has dedicated his life to his wife and two daughters, and now wants to dedicate his professional life to the residents of Hudson County. Is this a bad thing? Why can’t Gov. Christie see this and why can’t the 3 Senators agree. Why appoint a person who doesn’t live in Hudson County. It doesn’t make sense.Please do the right think. Thank you.

  6. Governor Christie, I am an 80 year old Cuban American and a member of the Republican Party. I have lived in Union City since 1967 and have voted for you both times when you ran for Governor. If you want me to vote for you as President of the US, please select Mr. Julio Morejon as the Hudson County Prosecutor. He is right for Union City and for Hudson County. Please Governor Christie be the leader that I voted for. God Bless.

  7. Cudos to the Freeholders for passing the resoluiton urging the Governor to nominate a Hudson County Prosecutor. As Freeholder Maldonado states, let’s hope it’s a “hispanic”, and preferably from the County, not a carpet bagger. What’s wrong with nominating Julio Morejon? If the Governor wants him, why can’t the Senators agree? Is it becuase they want someone they can control (like the Sheriff). Keep up the good work Freeholders!

  8. All the above are heartfelt comments but truth be told Julio Morejone is a political hack. Julio is nos and always been a leach on the taxpayers. He is just not a competent person. I would not hire Julio to represent me on a dog crap complaint. As to our Senator all I have to say is watch out Senator Cunningham and Especially Senator Stack, if you haven’t realized by now Julio will be used as a political tool to take both of you out.!

  9. Is this the same Julio Morejone who was Mayor Roque’s political ally and who became WNY town attorney? Is this the same Julio Morejone who was fired by Mayor Roque after it was discovered he was overbilling WNY for his sub-par legal work? Is this the same Julio Morejone who was visited by The F.B.I. for his questionable actions during his tenure as WNY town attorney? Is this the same Julio Morejone who was forced to cooperate with The F.B.I. against Mayor Roque in order to avoid indictment for his and Gil Garcia’s billing practices? If this is the same Julio then I think Hudson County should be spared another scandal and look outside for an individual with unquestionable ethics. Not an individual who is unethical.

  10. Ethics Reform! It’s a good thing that you hide behind a pseudo name otherwise you would find yourself in court for defamation of character. Do your fact check before you try to ruin someones good name. Mr. Morejon stood up to Roque and protested that his conduct was inappropriate in wanting to fire town employees (see settlment of law suits of Tom O’Malley, Alain Gomez, Al Bringer, etc.). Mr. Morejon did not “over bill” the Town of WNY because he was a town employee. Mr. Morejon was unjustly let go becuase he stood up to a tyrant and did not give in. Is this a bad thing? You’re off base on the FBI as well. Roque was indicted for actions that he took AFTER Mr. Morejon was no longer the WNY Town Attorney (check the timeline on the indictment). Gil Garcia was the town attorney when Roque did his alleged dirty deeds.

  11. I agree Frank! Thank you for your factual points!! As for the Cubanito…who is likely anything but a Latino…your comments sound like racial slander of a candidate who has been OFFICIALLY vetted by various established legal organizations, and by the State of NJ! Is it impossible to think that a qualified Latino could do the best job as Hudson County Prosecutor? Seems you think so as your only retorts are to hit below the belt with lies. Whose crony are you? Or do you happen to be an UNOFFICIAL voice of an elected official hiding behind your slimy identity? Believe it or not, Latinos are capable of finding out exactly who you are, and when we do, we will expose you and those you support for the racists you are! Your comments exemplify why JULIO MOREJON is the perfect candidate for a cleaned-up Hudson County future. Scamper back to your sewer…Latinos will be elevated, and justice for the community at large will be served.